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Bumbla The bumblebat is a former member of the now disbanded Gunslinger guild & a re-instated member of The Awesome Bringer Guild. She is a very close friend of Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Is the high-flyer of Team Gunslinger.


Bumbla The BumbleBat


Race: BumbleBat (Half Bumblebee, Half bat)
Age:22 (Past)
 24 (Present)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 81 lbs(192 kg)
Birthday: July 16 (20XX)
Hair Color: Yellow
Fur Color: Dandelion
Eye Color: Yellow
Blood Type: B

Professional Status

Affiliation: Awesome Bringer Guild,
Previous Affiliation: Gunslinger Guild
Team Affiliation: Team Gunslinger (Gungas, Bumbla & Raven)
Partner(s): Gungas & Raven
Previous Partner: Peppermint The crimson hedgewolf
Guild Mark Location: Left Breast
Occupation: Adventurer, Gunslinger, theif
Base Of Operations: Awesome Bringer West Guild Hall
Former Base Of Operations: Gunslinger Airship

Personal Status

Status: Active
Relatives: Unknown Parents
Relationship Status: Dating Yul
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Likes: Stealing things (Past), Guns, Her boobs, Sweet honey, Jazz music
Dislikes: Shadowhachi (On occasion)

Powers And Abilities

Physical Abilities: Hand-to-hand combatant, Immense strength, Enhanced speed & Reflexes, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Durability, Guns & Ammunitions expert, Weapons expert

Powers: High-speed flight, Bullet Arts, Rapid stinger, Bumblebee style


Japanese Voice Actress: Kaya Matsutani
English Voice Actress: Megan Hollingshead

.: Contents :.

4.Powers And Abilities



Bumbla's Look originally was that of a simple bumblebee sporting yellow & black colors. She is a brown skinned bumblebat with yellow/dandelion fur, extremely large breasts, and a voluptuous body. She has a stinger that is right above her butt and is usually seen with a large piece of hair jutting from her forehead. She sports a short yellow/black striped shirt with black pants & yellow shoes on. During the  pre time-skip phase her look was updated, as she began to sport grey attire with silver stripes instead of yellow & black. She also had grey jeans, & black shoes covering most of her feet with a long black & yellow scarf wrapped around her waist. Her shirts often show a considerable amount of cleavage. Also in her Pre time-skip phase she wore sunset orange aviator sunglasses.


Her present look has been greatly updated. Ever since she joined the likes of the gunslingers, As well as rejoined the awesome bringer guild, Bumbla has been sporting an entirely different look. She now has three piercing sharp bangs hanging over her left eye, she also wears the same aviator sunglasses but they are now black instead of sunset orange. She also wears black lipstick and only wears a black bikini top. She also wears dark grey pants with buttons & bangles covering most of the bottom half. The bottom half of her pair of pants also have bullet holes in the very bottom. Most likely from her insane training with the gunlslingers. Bumbla also wears a grey hat with a gold stripe that says "Stinger" on the helm of the hat. She also wears a long, black trenchcoat, and black gloves without knuckles. This is her "Stinger" costume that she created when she adopted the "Stinger" persona too defect from the awesome bringer guild entirely. Originally when Stinger made her debut, she had a grey mask on covering only her eyes.



Bumbla is a kind-hearted soul who, even though she once stole from others, is compassionate and understanding of others plights. She can be very sweet at times, but at other times she can also be a bit mean and selfish, as well as hostile. Like whenever she slaps Shadowhachi for doing something stupid. Regardless, her real personality is that of someone who is actually quite generous. A personality trait she learned on her own while she was stealing in the streets of mobius to make a living. Bumbla has always been attracted to the finer things in life, Always desiring luxury items and several jewels & riches of her own. This inherent greed drove her to steal for a time. She is also extremely confident of her own sexuality, and takes great pride in making it evident to others. She often accentuates her body's distinct features (Including her humongous G-cup sized breasts) and puts them on display.


Currently, the new bumbla is much more disciplined and has more conviction than before in her early years. She's more mature and is able to make intelligent, adult decisions. She also doesnt display her sexuality as much as she did before, Although she is still highly confident in her sexual abilities. She is also stronger in will and has more of a rough & tumble persona. She is also much more calm and reserved, always keeping her cool in times of peril.


Bumbla was actually born in the eastern part of mobius to an unnamed pair of parents. They remained unnamed because her parents were killed in the wake of the Turbo Mecha sonic attacks. Leaving her to fend for herself as an only child. She was born in mobius but was taken in and raised by bee gypsies in a local town called magnolia, where creatures known as bumblebats lived. Bumbla discovered as she got older that this was her place of origin, and that her mother actually was born here, hence why she's a bumblebat. During her teen years bumbla had to try and make due in order to make a living. She also fantasized about several types of jewels and riches that she wanted. So in order to obtain them, she stole them from others around the kingdom. Eventually she was caught and almost arrested, but she used her strength due to bumblebee training to escape. Once she became a fugitive, she ran away from her home and ventured on as a journey woman, roaming the world of mobius until she came across the new resistance. Whom she tried to steal the elemental emeralds from. Once she tried, drakeazoid caught her and instead of punishing her, invited her to join the new resistance in the pursuit of the elemental emeralds. She gladly accepted and found a new place she called home with a new group of friends. She went on countless adventures and fought a slew of ultra powerful enemies. Then the guild found Jeff The Hedgehog, who became Jeff The Wolf Sage & brought about the awesome bringer guild. Overtime, she fell in love with her best-friend Peppermint. They grew stronger together and supported each other through a lengthy number of adventures. But over time, things got complicated & their relationship was tested. Their relationship had a bad falling out when Peppermint had fallen head over heels for Zackamai. This created drama in the relationship, leading Bumbla to betray her guild and denounce herself from them. Years later, bumbla found another new home after resuming her roaming of the new planet wolfian. After resorting to stealing, she tried to pull of a major heist where she would rob a bank for chaos emeralds. However, this heist was foiled by the likes of former Darknuckle wizard Gungas, who was now a powerful member of a guild known as the gunslingers. Gungas saw great potential in Bumbla to be a great thief,  so he took her instead of killing her, and taught her bullet arts. She was introduced to her guildmaster named Vicious and studied the bullet arts to become a master gunslinger, and from there on she adopted a new persona & name. Now known as "Stinger".

[Powers And abilities]

Hand-to-hand Combatant: While not on the level of her more stronger guildmates, as well as being more proficient with a gun, Bumbla's combat skills are at least considerable. She has tangle with the likes of Nesto & J.T on multiple occasions and has held her own. She has also fought lazarius using only her strength and has managed to keep him at bay. Due too being trained by Gungas & Vicious, she now has combat capabilities that can even knock the most powerful of foes of their feet. Such as when she took down peppermint on the Gunslinger Airship Victoria.

Immense Strength: Bumbla is extremly strong. This is due in part to her relentless training in bumblebee style as a kid. She has been seen to be strong enough to pick up boulders 20x her own size. And has even stopped Nesto's tail in his dragon form, and was able to overpower him and slam him on his back. She has also demolished and entire robot with her bare hands, and was able to overpower the likes of mecha-Tj.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Due in part to her training with the gunslingers, Bumbla's speed & reflexes are top-notch. She's fast enough to easily dodge gunfire based upon natural instinct. She was also able to dodge peppermint's attacks with relative ease.

Enhanced Durability: She has a considerable amount of durability. As evidenced when she took a shot from nesto's dragon tail and got right back up. She also managed too fight off Lazarius's dark matter powers in order to keep him at bay.

Enhanced Endurance: She has a considerable amount of endurance as well. She showed no signs of slowing down after contending with Diana On the back deck of the Victoria Gunship. She also showed no signs of fatigue after constantly fighting and recieving jarring pain from Diana in scakageroza ruins.

Guns & Ammunitions Expert: As with her training in the gunslinger guild, Bumbla is now in the future (Post-timeskip) an expert with armed weapons. She currently owns five types of guns and is also a pro with explosives, missles & rocket and several other types of weapons.

Weapons expert: Bumbla is the only member of team gunslinger that is proficient with weapons other than guns. Just like how she owns five guns, she owns five melee weapons and 3 types of explosive weapons.

Handguns - Golden Desert Eagles: Bumbla carries two golden studded Desert eagles that have bejeweled holsters. These also fire gold bullets that can pierce through even the toughest of material. These are bumbla's two signature weapons, often acting as one whole weapon. It often fires fast-actions rounds of up too 55-shots per minute.

Revolver - Silver Stinger: Bumbla has another handgun. A revolver she calls the "Silver Stinger". This revolver, as you'd guess, is silver in color and is only used to stun or injure opponents as a way to catch them off guard. Usually used for a warning shot.

Sniper Rifle - Zastave M76 Bronze Scorpion: Bumbla carries a sniper rifle on her back that is bronze in color. She calls it the bronze scorpion. She has powerful range with it and is extremely proficient with it. It also sports a large scope which allows her to shoot people from far away unseen.

Semi-Automatic Shotgun - Franchi SPAS-15 Platinum Snake: Bumbla's favorite weapon is the 12 gauge dual-barrel pump action shot gun. A Franchi SPAS-15 with pump action shells that fire 8 rounds per-shot. This gun is considered her most powerful weapon. It's so powerful that it can blow through a security door made of titanium in one shot. AS evidenced on the Victoria Gunslinger airship.

Sub-machine Guns: Beretta M12S Titanium Gemini: Bumbla's final weapons are a pair of dual machine guns which she calls "The titanium gemini", based off of the spirit of the zodiac. These sub-machine guns are considered even more powerful than her golden desert eagles. As they were used in conjunction with peppermint's attacks to create the Crimson Chaos Mini-gun, which destroyed nearly half of the entire Victoria Gunslinger Air-ship.

Mace: Bumbla can carry a large mace which she swings with deadly accuracy. The mace is black in color with red spikes & a yellow & black striped hilt.

Stinger Gloves: Bumbla owns a pair of electric boxing gloves that fire shotgun-like rounds of electricity. She calls these "Stinger Gloves".

Yellow Straight Sword: Bumbla also owns a gold straight sword used for combat. But she doesnt really use it much as she prefers to use guns.

Rosemary: Bumbla owns a hot pink-colored whip in rememberance of Peppermint that she calls "Rosemary".

Bow & Arrow: Due in part to her sniper abilities, Bumbla is also an accomplished archer. Though she recieved training with Jon in archery, She perfected her archery abilities by training in the woods herself.

RPG Missile Launcher: Bumbla owns an RPG missile launcher that is only accessible in her trunk of weaponry.

M71 Grenade Launcher: Bumbla also owns a pump action M71 Grenade launcher that fires 6 grenades per round.

Explosive Bow - Black Mamba: Bumbla's final explosive weapon is the black mamba, which fires explosive arrows from a black bow covered in explosive fluid.This weapon is considered one of Bumbla's most dangerous and lethal and is only used if absolutely necessary.

Explosives: Bumbla owns and is proficient with several types of explosives, such as grenades, C4's, Tact grenades, Explosive ninja stars, Sticky grenades & even land mines.

High Speed-Flight: Bumbla has uncanny flight abilities that allow her to fly at high-speeds. Using her bumblebee wings, she can fly at a velocity that rivals that of Jeff the wolf sage.

Heel Holsters: Utilizing the power of Bullet arts, Bumbla is also trained to fire guns from her heels at the same time as from her hands.

Bullet Arts: One of Bumbla's signature techniques. Bullet arts is a fighting style taught to her by Gungas & Vicious, who utilize the style to it's fullest. These allow her to combine gunfire into her fighting style to create a lethal style that makes guns even more dangerous.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Bumbla's combat style while fighting with guns allows her to focus on more susceptible points of a person's body. Utilizing her guns in a fashion that allows her to pinpoint sensitive points on a person's body in order to fire into them with deadly accuracy. She uses these techniques in conjunction with her powerful moves to perform Bullet combat.

Bullet Time: Bumbla has gained the power of Bullet time, which allows her to slow down physical & projectile attacks so she can dodge them. This is how she's fast enough to dodge automatic gunfire.

Bullet Arts: Mirage: Bumbla can utilize the use of bullet time to created distorted images to confuse her opponent so she can focus on firing away at a certain opponent. she can also use this technique to fire multiple rounds into another person at the same time. This technique was first used on Diana is scakageroza ruins.

Bullet Arts: Mirror's Edge: Bumbla's most devastating technique. She fires several bullets into the air and fires another bullet to reflect off of the other bullets at an incredibly fast rate, the resulting technique spreads the bullets out in waves and shoots multiple targets. This technique can also take out multiple opponents at once, as evidenced when it was first used on Demon skull in Ookami Pakku on Mt.Shikasen.

Bullet Arts: Missile Drill: Bumbla Drills her golden eagles into her opponent and fires a spinning dual shot that sends her opponent into the ground.

Bumblebee Style: When Bumbla Was younger, she trained in the art of bumblebee style, a fast paced fighting style that allowed her to utilize strength & speed with favorable technique that focused intently on strong finger strikes & pressure points to "Sting" the opponent. This is how bumbla gained a considerable amount of strength.

BumbleBee Stinger: As with being a bumblebat, bumbla has a bumble bee stinger that she uses to pierce through opponents. This is evidenced when she uses her stinger to defeat Mecha Tj.


Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf: Peppermint is a very close friend of Bumbla's. Before the timeskip they were like sisters. They would always hang around eachother and seek comfort in one another's company. Overtime they grew to like each other and engaged in a romantic relationship. But as time went on, complications arised once Zackamai came into the picture. He fell madly in love with peppermint but at first peppermint didnt return his feelings. For she was still with bumbla, but over time, she grew to realize her one true love was Zackamai. Bumbla then started to argue with peppermint when she told her this and the two split up. The pain of Peppermint leaving her was too much for her, so she left the guild behind and defected from it completely. After the timeskip, she is revealed to be "Stinger" and fights peppermitn atop the Victoria gunship. Once she reveals herself, Peppermint reconciles with her and the two reunite. Re-sparking their original friendship.

Zackamai The Fiendhog: Zackamai used to be Bumbla's enemy and all-time most hated rival for splitting up their relationship, she has since forgiven him and has gianed a considerable amount of respect for him. Even becoming great friends with him.

Jeff The Wolf Sage: Bumbla respects Jeff as her master and friend. When she first met Jeff, she thought he was "Cute" as a hedgehog. Now that he's a wolf sage, she always thinks he's "Sexier than sexy" and has openly expressed intrest in sleeping with him. But she tries to keep her fantasies to herself. Jeff also respects her as the 3rd strongest female in the guild. When she returns Jeff accepts her back with open arms, despite her betrayal with the likes of the gunslinger guild.

Gungas The Sniper: Gungas & Bumbla have a complicated relationship. Gungas has been somewhat of a mentor to Bumbla and a friend, often calling her by her nickname "Sting". But he often abuses her when she doesnt do as he asks, prompting her to resent him for awhile. THey also have contrasting views when it comes to killing someone with a gun. Gungas believes that if someone opposes you, they deserve death. Whether innocent or not. But bumbla doesnt believe in killing the innocent nor does she believe in killing her friends. On the Victoria Gunship, Gungas was about to kill peppermint when Bumbla betrayed Gugnas and fired a shot at him, which prompted him to kick her in her stomach. Both Peppermint & Bumbla then finished Gungas with a powerful Crimson Chaos Mini-gun. Teaching Gugnas the value of respect of person. Now she has forgiven him for his years of abuse and the two are a great team. He has since then learned to respect his partner instead of berate her. The two of them for a time were also "Friends with benefits" and have never established a romantic relationship.

Raven The Sniperhog: Raven & Bumbla have a partner Relationship, they work well as a team and, due to Raven's quiet mysteriousness & calm demeanor, they have not had much interaction outside of work. Although Bumbla does often try to get a Rise out of him quite often.

Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna: Bumbla is the only one that cannot tolerate Shadowhachi's antics. She is often seen slapping him behind the head whenever he's obnoxious. Shadowhachi used to have a mad crush on Bumbla, however in light of recent events, SH only figures that was due to sexual attraction. However, the two of them dont hate each other. Bumbla will defend Shadowhachi as a guildmate and nothing else. Infact, the two have played around & joked with one another in older times before the timeskip. Establishing the fact that they can get along. However for the most part they usually dont. SH & Bumbla often argue alot over trivial matters. Usually due in part too SH's obnoxious attitude.

Yul: Yul The hedgehog is Bumbla's current boyfriend. THe two of them are actually engaged and are going to be married very soon. Bumbla fell in love with him after he saved her from the likes of thanatos & Reed.
Bumbla's Full Bio (Wiki Style)
I'm uploading another awesome bringer profile. These are all i can do for now. Soon i will upload more profiles & stories about the awesome bringer guild. Explaining the whole world as if it were and actual anime! This time the profile is on one of my classic characters, Bumbla The Bumblebat. (Oh and NO i'm not making a grandiose return to DA. These will be infrequent so sorry guys but dont get your hopes up.) Enjoy!


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This isnt goodbye forever... this is only goodbye for now. I'll be back again....someday...but not someday soon..probably in like a year or 2...but basically...this is the awesome bringer, Jeff The Wolf Sage....signing off. I love you guys. :heart:
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