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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Okami + Demon Ep.3

-scene transitions to a shot of the school-

[Music: Hazumu Kokoro - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Yo guys, what's up? I'm writing my 3rd letter to you. This is Jake reporting from Okami Academy. Well as you said Nero, this is a school full of these weird things called "Okami". They all have tails and wolf ears. And it's really weird. But MAN is this school crazy, i've made friends with 2 hot girls within my first month of being here. I've only been here a month and im already a chick magnet. That's got to be a record right? But anyways, these girls names are Diane Morigani & Peppermint Sotoyomai. They're really cute, and I kinda look forward to being with them for awhile. The school on the other hand is something else. And of course like most schools....The have exams that fucking bite.

Jacob:-is looking at a large board with Exam rankings on it- Ugh.....are you serious?! -placed 127th-

Male Okami #1: HOLY SHIT! I got 139th! That's 1 place up from last year!

Male Okami #2: Oh come on dude that's not even all that much.

Male Okami #1: OH YEAH! It's better than you! You got 212th!

Jacob:-sweatdrop, then facepalm- Idiots.....

You see we just took these spring exam things recently in class and well I wouldnt say I did terrible. But I didnt do my best exactly. Eh what do I care? The script says that Peppermint should come in any second now so, this letter is pretty much going to end at this point. See you soon bros! - Jacob Uchiha

Loki: Did he seriously just break the fourth wall? WHEEE!!!!!

(Music Ends)

[Music: KiraKira Sekai - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Male Okami #3: Never mind that! Look who's walking by!

The boys see Peppermint walking by with glittering lights all around her. She looked even more gorgeous than yesterday. How is a girl like her this gorgeous?

Peppermint:-walks by and flips her hair back looking stunning-

Male Okami #1: OH Man that Peppermint Sotoyomai is so SEXY! -all drool over her-

Male Okami #2: I know! And man is she smart too! I mean did you hear? She placed 11th! In the whole class! She's practically a genius!

Jacob:-thinks: 11th? They cant be serious.- -looks at the board rankings and see's Peppermint's name in the 11th spot,wide eyed- WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED? -sweatdrop-.....

Peppermint:-walks by the boys,sees Jacob- JAKE!!! -smiles at him and hugs his arm- Good morning! How are you?

Jacob: Oh hey. I heard you placed 11th on the exams. I didnt know you were that smart Peppermint.

Peppermint: Oh i'm not that smart, I just study hard that's all. -smiles-

All male Okami:-fire lights up behind them, they all growl- GRRRRRRGGGHHHH HOW DOES HE GET HER!??!?!?! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

(Music Ends)

Jacob: Well im kind of impressed. Wish I could've done better.

Peppermint: Yeah. Well HEY! I have an idea! you want...

Jacob: Huh? What?

Peppermint:-twiddles her fingers- We could um....maybe study together sometime?

Jacob:-smiles slightly- Huh....I'd like that.

Peppermint: GREAT! -smiles at him-

[Music: Dabadabada - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Jacob:-looks at peppermint Romantically,thinks: Oh with such a cutie pie like her would be like a dream come true....It would be so amazing. Plus my position on the charts would skyrocket under the tutelage of someone so smart. She's so perfect sometimes I feel lucky to be around her....hey wait?...Why is my heart beating so fast?- Oh Peppermint.....

Peppermint: Oh Jake.... -both stare into each other's eyes-.....

???????????:-is hiding behind a pillar looking at them both- PEPPERMINT........-her eyes flash-

[Music Switches to Classmate - Rosario + Vampire OST]

???????:-is staring at them, her white wolf ears twitch- Oh Peppermint...your so amazing..If only I could be within an inch of you......

I was really noticing, but there was this weird girl standing behind a pillar looking at me & Peppermint blushing. Her attention was more on Peppermint rather than me. I was too busy looking into Peppermint's eyes to care. But She had white hair, sky blue clothing, and blue eyes. Or at least that's what the script says.

??????????: Curse this pinwheel.... -blows on a pinwheel of hers and the wind blows slightly-

Peppermint:-feels the wind blow slightly- The wind is kind of harsh today.

Jacob:-doesnt feel a thing- Huh? What do you mean?

????????:-snickers- Lucky your useful for getting rid of unwanted pests! -makes a mischievous kitty face,steps forward-

(Music Stops)

?????: Hey. What are you doin' out here Windbag?

????????:-stops- !!! -turns around- Oh no...It's the guys from my class...Brass, Silver & Platt....

Brass: So your the one who got the highest rank in the class, and your causin' trouble again? Heh. Your such a nuisance.

Silver: YEAH! -points at her comically- You were going to harm that innocent couple with your stupid pinwheel werent you?! WELL WE WONT ALLOW IT!!

Brass: As class President, me and my boys are gonna have to take Disciplinary action.

????????:-steps back- uhhh.....-hides her pinwheel behind her back-

Platt: What's wrong? You scared you little windbag?!

????????-steps back in fear,but then grins slightly,wind blows on her pinwheel and 3 students with hotdogs are seen,,their hotdogs blow into the faces of Brass,Silver & Platt-

Brass: AGH!! -is comically hit in the face- OW!!! FUCK!!! I HATE KETCHUP!!!

Silver: IM ALLERGIC!!! -scratches himself-

????????: HAHAHA! Serves you losers right!

[Music: Tohoho - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Brass, Silver & Platt:-loom over her with scary looks on their faces-

???????????:-shuts up right away with a scared look on her face- UH-OH -is wide eyed-

Platt: OH YOU ARE SO DEAD.....

Silver: That is a great violation of school rules.....So now your GOING TO PAY.....

Brass: I'll show you what happens when you mess with the class president!!!! -cocks his pimphand back-

????????:-grimaces & cringes in fear-

Peppermint:-gets in front of her- STOP IT!

Brass: The hell?

Peppermint: That's enough! Havent you jerks caused enough trouble for one day?! LEAVE HER ALONE! She wouldnt have done that if you jerks hadnt been so tough on her! NOW BACK OFF!!!!!!


Brass: If you wanna suffer along with her THEN BE MY GUEST!!!

-shot is fired at the pillar where Brass & the others are standing-

Brass: !!! -whimpers- WH...WHAT?!

?????? & Peppermint:-comically turn white- DOES SOME ONE HAVE A GUN?!?!

Jacob:-fired a shot from one of his pistols- Dont fuck with her. She's my friend. Why dont you assholes get lost before I bust a cap in your asses?!

Brass:-steps back- Ggggh....come on boys....let's go. Stupid windbag....-starts to leave with his boys- I dont know how anyone can stick up for you! Your nothing but trouble....-leaves-

Peppermint:-breathes easy- That was close....

Jacob: Tell me about it. -gunslings and then puts his pistol away-

Peppermint:-has her back turned to Jacob- Oh and more thing?

Jacob: Yeah? -looks at her-

Peppermint:-vein mark-

Jacob: Hmm?

[Music: Maggot's Dance - Bleach OST]

Peppermint:-turns around to him angry- ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND?!?!??!

Jacob: NNAGH! -thinks: That was offsetting see her curse like that-

Peppermint: If you had shot them you could've gotten yourself expelled! Or WORSE THEM KILLED!!!

Jacob: HEY! Dont blame me! I was just trying to save you!

Peppermint: BY COMMITING MURDER?!?!?!


Peppermint:-flails her arms back and fourth comically- WELL FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD PLEASE WATCH YOUR TRIGGER FINGER NEXT TIME! OKAY?!

Jacob: Alright Alright! JEEZ! -thinks: Jeez we're already arguing like a married couple...Wait that came out wrong-

Peppermint: And plus you could've hurt me or that girl!

Jacob: I would never do that! I'm an expert shot! Plus those jerks derserved it anyway! Besides It's not like I was aiming for you or anything.

Pepermint:-comically growls,lights her hair on fire,makes an angry face-

Jacob: OH SHIT.... O3O

Peppermint:-sends Jacob flying- YOU BAKA!!!!!!

Loki: WOW who knew she had such an anger problem WHEE!!!!

Jacob:-lands on his head- OW....Sorry.

(Music Ends)

Peppermint:-calms down,sighs- It's ok. I'm sorry I had to send you flying like that. Sometimes I cant control my anger. I sort of adopted it from a friend of mine...well...and OLD friend of mine....But please just watch it next time okay?

Jacob:-gets up- Right....-looks behind himself at a scared shitless crowd of students- What the fuck are you assholes looking at?!?

Peppermint: You can be very scary sometimes you know that?

??????????: Um? excuse me?

Jacob: Yeah well I can say the same to you Peppermint.

Peppermint: Really? I guess we're one in the same! -smiles slightly-

????????????: Excuse me!

Jacob: Yeah I guess we are. -smiles back at her- We both use fire after all.

Peppermint: Shh! Silly! We're not supposed to reveal our okami types!

Jacob: Oh yeah.

???????????: EXCUSE ME!

Peppermint: You pull anymore stunts and I'll have to turn you in mister. -jokes,giggles-

Jacob: Eh. I'm already a bad boy anyways. Cant be worse than ha;f the shit i've done in San fran.


?????????????:-growls,vein mark- HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY!!!! WHAT AM I CHOPPED LIVER!!!! I'M TRYING TO ASK YOU A QUESTION PEPPERMINT SOTOYOMAI!!!! -her last word echoes as wind blows violently and blows every girls dressesto reveal their panties,including Peppermint's-

Peppermint:-gasp,blushes- OH MY!

Jacob:-does of nosebleeding- O_O

?????????????:-gasp- Oh no!...I didnt mean to-

Female Student: YOU STUPID WINDBAG PERVERTED SKANK!!! Now look what you've done!

Male Student: I swear she always does dumb shit like this! And on purpose too!

????????????: No....I didnt mean too-looks at them with sorrow-

[Music: Sadness & Sorrow - Naruto OST]

Students:-all jeer at her telling her to go away- WINDBAG!!! Your nothing but a stupid lowlife perverted NUISANCE!!

Peppermint:-looks at her- !!!

???????:-steps back with tears in her eyes,runs off crying and sobbing-

Peppermint: NO WAIT!

Jacob: ....That was harsh....

Peppermint: I'm going after her! -goes to find her-

-scene transitions to ????????? sitting on a tree stump-

?????????: Stupid wind....Why cant I control it?...-is crying tears,sobs a bit- It causes me nothing but sorrow....-looks at her pinwheel- Why did you give me this STUPID PINWHEEL!!!! I hate YOU!!! -throws it on the ground- -sobs into her hands- My stupid pinwheel causes nothing but trouble.....And half the time It's not even me....Who cares....I dont need them! I'm way too smart too need friends! All I need is me,myself and I! THAT'S IT!...-wipes away her tears- What do I even need friends for?! I'm perfectly fine by myself! -looks down at her pinwheel-.....

-pinwheel blows a little-

?????????: -glares at it- That stupid pinwheel.....Mom...why'd you give me such a thing?....It only serves as a curse instead of a blessing...You told me long ago....that it was a blessing. But it's not...It's nothing but a CURSE!!! -yells out loud-

(Music Ends)

Peppermint: Hey! -runs to her-

????????:-sees peppermint,perks up a bit- Peppermint Sotoymai?!

Peppermint: Are you okay? -runs up to her-

Jacob:-is walking towards them-

Peppermint: Look I know that wasn't your fault! It must've been the faulty wind or something! Please don't feel so bad about yourself. -looks down at her pinwheel,picks it back up- Here you go. -gives it back to her-

????????: Hmph! -throws it away- I dont want it!

Jacob:-catches it- Why not?

????????: Because it's just a stupid toy!

Peppermint: A toy?

???????????: Yeah that's all it is! A stupid toy that conducts wind....-folds arms and pouts-

Peppermint: Well then it must be really special! Dont just throw it away, keep it. Something like that you dont just throw away. It's something that makes you special.

????????????: Really?

Jacob:-stands by peppermint holding the pinwheel- Peppermint:-smiles at her- Yeah!

Tsuchina:-her eyes shine- OK! -smiles back at Peppermint-

[Music: Gakuen Seikatsu - Rosario + Vampire OST]

-scene transitions too the lunchroom where everyone is having lunch-

???????????: We havent really met yet! My name is Tsuchina Kazeguruma! It's really nice to meet all of you!

Peppermint: Nice to meet you too Tsuchina! I'm Peppermint Sotoyomai. This is my friend Jacob Uchiha.

Jacob: 'Sup.

Tsuchina: Nice to meet you guys! BTW Peppermint thanks for saving my butt back there!

Peppermint: Oh no problem at all! -smiles-

Tsuchina: I'm in the upper class so you guys probably havent seen me around school yet!

Jacob: Huh? Hey wait, how come we're in the lower level classes and your in the upper class? Did you like....skip grades or something?

Tsuchina: Uh-huh! I'm actually a Junior and i'm only 15!

Jacob:-sweatdrop,confused face,thinks:That's hard to wrap my head around....-

Peppermint: Oh yeah! I've actually heard of you! Your that super smart student that everyone talks about.

Tsuchina: Yep that's me! I've also heard a lot about you Peppermint....

Peppermint: Me?

Tsuchina: Yes. Apparently all the boys want you at this school. Your the most popular girl here, as well as the prettiest, one of the smartest, and one of the most skilled! ....That's why i'm making a bold declaration right here right now!!! -stands up dramatically-

Peppermint & Jacob:-look up at her confused-

[Music changes to Churu Churu Paya Paya - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Tsuchina:-raises her finger and points- I LOVE YOU!!!

Peppermint: HUH?! O_O

Jacob: Wait WHAT?!

Tsuchina: I'm your biggest fan! I know everythign about you from the kinds of sweets you like to your preference on boys to your fetish for whipped cream EVERYTHING!!

Peppermint:-turns white- THAT'S SUPPOSED TO REMAIN PRIVATE!

Jacob: Hey what do you do in your spare time stalk her or something?!

Tsuchina: Well......-makes a trollface-

Jacob & Peppermint: O_O NO WAY.....

Tsuchina: Let's just say I know everything about her! X3 And now that you guys know I have one more declaration to make!

Peppermint: A-a-and what's that? O_O

Tsuchina: I WANT YOU TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! -jumps on her excited-

Jacob: HEY!

Tsuchina:-is grabbing her breasts- IF anything I totally want to marry you for these lovely boobs I mean these thigns are huge! Mine are pretty luscious but yours are practically perfect! Oh I just wanna nestle between them! they're like soft pillows!

Jacob:-nosebleeds- CUT IT OUT!!

Peppermint:-is weirded out at this point- O_O' Ummmm......

Loki: Let's see if we can make this situation even more awkward WHEEE!! -causes a scene transition to the hallways-

[Music: Paya Paya - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Peppermint:-is walking down a hallway while Tsuchina keeps her hands on her breasts,nervous sweatdrop-

Jacob:-has shadows over his eyes annoyed,growls lowly- Gggghhhhhmmmmmm -vein mark-

Tsuchina: You know Peppermint everyone should be jealous of a girl with boobies as wonderful as yours! These things are like marshmallows!

Jacob:-is keeping in his massive nosebleed-

Peppermint: Um....Tsuchina could you please let go?

Jacob:-growls even more annoyed-

Tsuchina: Why? These things are so fantastic I cant stop! Also since your my girlfriend now I figure why Not? X3

Jacob: SHE'S NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! -runs in front of them both-

Peppermint: Jake. -looks at him surprised-

(Music Ends)

Jacob: She never said she was your girlfriend you damn idiot! Now why dont you get off of her and leave her alone! Stop being a creepy stalker bitch and take that shit somewhere else!

Tsuchina:-le gasp- Hmph! Such naughty words! Your just jealous!

Jacob: J-J-JEALOUS?! -says with comical anger-

[Music: Comical - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Tsuchina: That's right! -points at him dramatically and comically- Your just jealous Because she wants a sophisticated girl like me! Not someone who shoots people like a vagabond!

Jacob: VAGABOND?!?!?!

Peppermint:-nervous sweatdrop- Coem on guys let's not get ahead of ourselves....^w^'

Tsuchina: YEAH! Well guess what! Your not good enough for her! You use bad words and have an attitude that would make the class president look like a nice guy! So I DECLARE WAR ON YOU!!!

Jacob: OK Seriously Your out of your mind.... -thinks: WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE GIRLS OF THIS SCHOOL?!-

Tsuchina: I AM NOT! And i'll prove it by doing THIS!!! -blows on her pinwheel,wind slices Jacob's belt in half and he gets pantsed-

Peppermint:-screams a bit,wide eyed- UHHH JAKE....

Jacob: What? -looks down- AAAAAAGGHH!!! MY PANTS!!!

Tsuchina: HAHAHA! Take that loser! I'm a Kaze-Okami meaning I can get wind to do what ever I want! That's how your belt came loose I used wind to slice it in half! HAHAHA!


Tsuchina:-runs off laughing with a trollface- HAHAHA! :icontrollfaceplz:

Jacob: GRRRGH! -pulls his pants back up-

(Music Ends)

[Music: Enemy Unseen - Bleach OST]

Brass-was lurking behind a corner watching the entire time- She revealed her Okami type...that's against school rules...

Silver: How about we teach her a lesson in discipline boss?

Platt: I second that motion....

Brass: Come on boys....time to make mincemeat out of this bitch......


Sheesh is every girl in this crazy fucking school insane? Fuck...anyways I went back to Diane's room to gather my thoughts. And well....Things dont go as planned.

[Music: Guzu de Noroma na Kame Desu - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Jacob:-is explaining what happened to Diane- So that's the story so far. She's absolutely out of her goddamn mind.

Diane: Mmmm I hear you. Apparently she's some kind of honor student who has a bad rep around here.

Jacob: Really? How so?

Diane: hold that thought for a sec. -goes over behind curtains and looks at the writer of this fanfiction- HEY WRITER! This is an episode in after my debut and THIS is all the Jacob-action I GET?!

Loki: What's with all the fourth wall breaking in this show? WHEE!!!!

(Music Ends)

Diane:-approaches Jacob and lays on top of him and inches close to him seductively- Well let me tell you Jakey...

Jacob: !!! NYAH! -is wide eyed-

[Music: Dabadabada - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Diane:-inches closer and closer to him while her breasts bounce- I heard she's some kind of trouble maker, she cant control her wind powers, or so she says. But in hindsight she's actually a delinquent who causes trouble for those she doesnt like. That's why people call her "Windbag" because she's such a little instigator....-her lips pucker slightly-

Jacob:-blushes profusely- Uhhh...Is that right? -is wide eyed-

Diane: Uh-huh.-gets close to him- And Her wind powers leave her isolated amongst all the girls and students in her class.....

Tsuchina:-is seen sitting by herself in a vision-

Classmates:-talk about her all at once-

Diane's Voice Over: All of the students talk about her and the things she's done...she's all alone because of her actions.

Diane(Present moment): And I can see why...she clearly embarrassed you. Poor thing....-strokes his cheek-

Jacob:-nosebleeds slightly- UHHH...UHHH!!!

Tsuchina:-is watching from the window- Oh You stupid jerk! -pouts- Not only do you make your moves on my precious Peppermint but also you get all touchy feely with tits Mcgee over there!!! THAT DOES IT!!! HHMMMMMMMM!!!! -wind blows the window open adn blows both of them off the bed-

Diane: WHOA!

Jacob: AGH! -lands on top of Diane- Whoa...that was alright? !!! -is wide eyed, has his hand on her breast-

Diane:-blushes- OH JAKE....YOU NAUGTHY BOY....

[Music: Churu Churu Paya Paya - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Jacob: IM SORRY!!! MY bad!! -removes his hand from her breast-

Peppermint:-comes in- Hey Jake Are you okay-...-sees him on top of her,music stops for a second-

An awkward moment of silence came up....I stared at Peppermint and she just kept a straight happy face but deep inside...I knew she was pissed.....

Peppermint:-keeps her normal straight happy face,but a vein mark comes up meaning she's pissed,grits her teeth- JACOB....WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?...

-music starts up again-

Jacob & Diane:-get up quickly- Jacob: Yah!!! It's not what you think!!! I SWEAR! I mean I was just-Tsuchina is heard laughing her ass off-

Tsuchina: HAHAHAHAHAAH! I cant believe that toally worked out so well! HA TAKE THAT LOSER!!!

Jacob:-looks out the window- YOU!!!!

Tsuchina:-sweatdrop,looks behind herself- OH CRAP....

Jacob:-hops out of the window- YOUR COMING WITH ME! -drags her back inside-

Tsuchina:-comically flails her arms around- NO LET ME GO YOU BIG FAT MEANIE YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!! LET ME GOOOOOOO!!!

Jacob: OH SHUT UP!!!!

(Music Ends)

-scene transitions back into Diane's dorm room-

Peppermint: Why'd you do that Tsuchina?

Jacob: What the hell is your problem?! I dont know what you want with me but it cant be Peppermint.

Tsuchina: Why do you care! -points- Your just a jealous poser! -glares-

Jacob: IM JEALOUS?! What about you?! Seems like you wanna steal peppermint away from me an awful lot just to start shit!

Peppermint: JAKE! She's not like that!

Jacob: Open your eyes Peppermint! She's obviously just a little troublemaker! I can see why people dont like you! If you want people to liek you maybe you should stop being such a troublemaking witch!

Tsuchina: !!! -looks down slightly,puts her pinwheel behind her-....I'm sorry...I dont mean to cause trouble for anyone....It's just that my wind powers spiraled out of control....Im sorry....-starts to cry-

Jacob: dont....Tsshhh......Ok Ok. I'm sorry for yelling. It's alright. Maybe....we can be friends.

Tscuhina:-trollish grin,moves her pinwheel and it spins,wind blows on a pot over Jacob's head-

Jacob:-pot bashes on his head- OW!!!! YOU LITTLE BITCH!!! GET BACK HERE!!!

Tsuchina: HAHAHAAHHAAHAHA!!!!! TAKE THAT!!! -runs off-

Jacob: GRRRGH! Stupid windbag!!!

Peppermint: JAKE! Your only making this situation worse!

Jacob: Like it matters! That girl is nothing but trouble! She bashed my head in with a potted plant!

Peppermint: I know i know-

Jacob: Then why the hell are you siding with her?!

Peppermint: Because! Think about how she must feel! She's all alone in this world and cant control her powers! It's not her fault!

Jacob: It is if she causes me fucking brain damage!


Jacob:-is taken aback by her yelling-......Peppermint I-

Peppermint: NO! Your not thinking about her feelings....think how she must feel....

Jacob: How she feels?! What about how I feel?! She's causing me major pain here!

Peppermint: I understand that....but I cant bring myself to think that she's doing this just to cause trouble....She's all alone in this one really likes her so she distances herself from the corwd to make herself feel better....I refuse to think she's some kind of...Delinquent! I know there's good inside of her! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT!!!! -runs off crying a bit-

Jacob: Wait

[Music: Compassion - Bleach OST]

Once Peppermint took off.....I began to think long and hard about what I said to her..Tsuchina I mean...She is all alone in this world...Me of all people...I know what that's be alone...until I had......friends...then I changed for the least a little bit.....Maybe I might have been wrong....

Diane: Hey Jake?...Are you okay?

Jacob: Yeah.....I cant believe she walked out on me though....I have to go and find her and apologize.

Diane: Oh come on! Why go with those two when you can stay in here with me! -reaches out and tries to hug him but he runs off before she can do so- Hey wait!

Jacob:-runs off trying to find them both-

Tsuchina:-is running off laughing,thinks: Who needs them anyway......Who needs friends?...I can handle myself.......Right mom?....

-flashback in sepia tone begins-

Young Tsuchina:-is seen with her mother- Right mommy?

Kazehana(Her Mother): Of course....Your a strong little Kaze-okami. There's no reason why you shouldnt be able to take care of yourself....But here. -gives her the pinwheel-

Young Tsuchina: Hmm? -takes it- Mommy what's this?

Kazehana: This is a pinwheel. It's a lucky charm that responds positively to your emotions if used correctly. how you use it is up to you. But I promise in the face of danger it will keep you safe. Use it wisely though.

Young Tsuchina: Thank you mommy.

Kazehana: I'm certain that you will grow up strong and smart. So dont let others get you down about your powers. With this pinwheel it can help control your powers. You'll be so good with them that everyone will want to be your friend! -smiles at the young Tsuchina-

-in the present-

Tsuchina:-is outside,stops running-......-grips her pinwheel- Was it.....just a lie mom?...I'm still not good with my powers....all this thing does is cause me despair.....Why'd you lie to me mom?.....WHY?! -slams it down-.....Oh well...I dont need this stupid thing....AND I DONT NEED ANYONE ELSE! My smarts are enough for me! Besides even if I was in control of my powers No one would want to be my friend anyways....SO SCREW EVERYONE!!!

(Music Ends)

Tsuchina:-she walks forward and bumps into brass,falls down and lands on her behind- HEY WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING YOU STUPID JERK-looks u- O_O OH NO....

Brass: Stupid Jerk huh?! You really ARE a nuisance. -grins down at her-

[Music: Battle Ignition - Bleach OST]

Silver:-appears from behind Brass- You know what we have to do with her boss?

Platt: -appears from behind Brass as well- I say we teach this bitch a private lesson. She's way too cute too just let off with a warning.

Brass: That's actually a good idea boys. Let's go ahead and teach her a lesson she'll never forget! -grabs her arm-

Tsuchina: LET ME GO YOU CREEPS!!! -screams-

Peppermint:-runs outside and hears her screaming,gasp- Tsuchina!!!

(Music Ends)

-scene transitions to outside of Okami Academy and in a forest-

Tsuchina:-is slammed into a tree- OW!!!

Brass,Platt & Silver:-all chuckle deviously-

Tsuchina:-look at them- S-stay away from me......

Brass: Awwww you want us to stay away? I dont think we CAN!

Platt: Yeah your way too cute for US to stay away from!

Silver: For now we're gonna give you something that a special kind of delinquent deserves!!!

[Music: Gekisen - Rosario + Vampire OST]

-all 3 of them transform into weird looking metal okami wolf monsters with large muscles-

Tsuchina:-whimpers- What?....What are you guys?!

Loki: Allow me to answer that question for our dear readers! These guys are known as Kinzoku-Okami, which means "Metal" in japanese! Their bodies are now made up impregnable metals of Brass, Silver & Platinum in case you couldnt guess. WHEE!!!!

Platt: So boss? What do we do with this little bitch?

Silver: I say we have our way with her and then we eat her!

Brass: Sounds like a good idea to me. THere are way too many trees and too much fog for anyone to see what we're doing. And we're way too far away from the school for anyone to hear us! Besides it's not like anyone would miss your ass anyway!!!

Tsuchina: NO PLEASE....STAY AWAY....

Platt: AWWWW What's wrong?! Little miss popular not here to save your sorry ass?!

Brass: Well guess what! We dont give a damn! SO YOUR OURS NOW YOU CUNT!! PREPARE TO DIE!!!


Peppermint: LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

All 3:-look behind themselves-

(Music Ends)

Peppermint:-stands there- WHY DONT YOU JERKS JUST GIVE IT A REST!!!

Platt: OOOOHHHH BOSS! Look it's that cute Peppermint girl! She could be alot of fun!

Brass: Okay but I call her myself! She's mine! Especially when she's got THOSE! -camera angles on Peppermint's breasts- And this! -camera angles on her waist- AND THAT! -camrea angles on her panties-

Silver: This is going to be the best fun i've had in awhile! LET'S EAT 'EM BOTH!!!

Tsuchina: PLEASE PEPPERMINT! Dont worry about me Just go! These guys are nothing but a big fat pain in the ass! So dont worry about my sake! Just go and save yourself!

Peppermint: NO! You have to stop doing that Tsuchina!

Tsuchina:-looks at her-.....

[Music: Amegari no Koi - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Peppermint:-walks towards Tsuchina while the other boys just look at her puzzled,holds her pinwheel- Please. Dont do this to yourself......... Iknow you feel like your all alone....and that life hasnt given you  a decent chance to make any friends....but that's no reason to alienate yourself from others....I know in you that there's some good...but you dont have to let your loneliness corrupt you and keep you from everybody else......Dont do that to yourself.

Brass,Silver & Platt:-shrug confused at each other-

Peppermint:-reaches Tsuchina,toussles her hair- You dont have to feel like your alone anymore....because I'm here. I know how you feel....I was alone too once...

Tsuchina: !!! Wh-...what?...Y-you?....

Peppermint: Yes.....I was alone once...alienated from everyone....but I didnt let that get me down....and neither should you. Because now you have friends who actually care about you....Please....dont let out the bad....Take in the good. -hands her the pinwheel-

Tsuchina:-starts to cry- Oh Peppermint.....-hugs her and takes back her pinwheel- PEPPERMINT!!....-sobs a bit in her chest-

Peppermint: It's can cry now. -holds her head-

Brass:-sweatdrop- What the hell is going on?!

Silver: Yeah! All of this so far has been a bunch of sappiness! WHAT ARE WE CHOPPED LIVER?!

Loki: That's what she said WHEE!!!

Platt: They are making fools out of us boys!!

(Music Ends)

Brass: I agree with that! It's time we make mincemeat out of them! GET 'EM BOYS!!!

[Music: Fuuin Kaijo - Rosario + Vampire OST]

All 3-start to lunge at Peppermint & Tsuchina-

Peppermint:-holds Tsuchina close to keep her safe,- MMMPH!!

Diane:-comes in and saves them both just in time-

All 3: HUH?! Where'd they go?!

Peppermint:-has her eyes closed,opens them- DIANE!

Diane: Just in time too! -is flying int he air,puts them down- Jesus you two are heavy!

Tsuchina: You saved me! Thanks.....

Diane:-lands- No problemo for now. But how do we get rid of these freaks?

Peppermint: I'll take care of them. -glares,her hands light up with fire-

All 3: ?!?!?!?

Peppermint: I'm a Homura-Okami. Which means my flames are hott! I can handle them all on my own! you take Tsuchina and get out of here Diane!

Diane: Peppermint you might be biting off more than you can chew!

Peppermint: No worries! I can handle them I'm certain! NOW GO!


Brass: HEY!!! ENOUGH!!! Stop ignoring us you stupid skanks!

Silver: I say we rape & Eat 'em all boss!It'll be a three course meal!

Diane,Peppermint & Tsuchina: ?!?!?!??!?!

Platt: Hell yeah it will! -licks lips-

Brass: Alright then boys! Let the fun begin! Especially when their breaking school rules by revealing their okami types!!! -lunges at them-

Peppermint:-grimaces,hands light a flame-

Diane:-holds Tsuchina to protect her-


(Music Ends)

-shot is fired right at the three and it bounces off of a tree-

Brass:-stops- What?! What the?!

Silver: Where did that shot come from?!

Diane: Hey yeah....where did that come from?

Peppermint:-eyes widen- Girls.....look.....

All 3:-look behind themselves- ?!?!?!

[Music: Guitar lll - Bleach OST]

Jacob:-gunslings then holds his pistol- If I were you dumbasses, I'd get the fuck away from my friends over there. They arent your dinner...nor are they your sex toys.

Brass: ?!?!? WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!



Brass: Tenderizing your food before you eat it? BRILLIANT!!!

Jacob:-smirks- You assholes wanna take me on? Fine. Come and get it punks.

Brass: GRRRGH!!! Carrying a gun is strictly against school rules! LET'S KILL HIM!!! -all 3 lunge at Jacob-

Jacob:-makes handsigns-Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu!!! -fires a giant head of dragon flames at all 3 of them,the flames explode-

Tsuchina:-gasps amazed- Oh my....

Diane: OH JAKE YOUR SO FUCKING COOL!!! -has hearts in her eyes-

Peppermint: Wow....his flames burn brighter than mine.....

All 3:-slide back-

Brass:-growls- YOU LITTLE BITCH! We'll teach you to mess with us! -all 3 roll around like balls and charge at Jacob- CHARGE!!!

Jacob:-holds one of them back,kicks it into the air and back down making the balls richochet off of each other,gets out Shock grenades and sticks them to 2 of the 3 of them-

Silver & Platt:-are shocked intensely- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! -are sent flying into the trees defeated-

Brass: WHAT?!?!? He beat them that easily?! HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE?!?!

Jacob: Y'know...this school is pretty crazy.

Brass:-growls and looks at Jacob-

Jacob:-walks forward like a badass- But I think I can handle crazy.


Jacob:-covers his legs with lightning- Showtime. -kicks Brass's teeth in and shocks him greatly- As a person I once knew who wont be joining us this time once said....


Jacob: KNOW YOUR FUCKING PLACE!!!! -kciks him into the river nearby-

Brass:-skids into the river and crashes- win...I'll stop now....

Loki: Damn that was pretty badass! This episode's fight only took 76 seconds WHEEEE!!!!

Peppermint: Wow....I didnt know Jacob was that strong.....

Tsuchina: Amazing.....

Jacob:-his dirty blonde hair flows in the wind,looks at Tsuchina- Hey.

Tsuchina: !!!!

Jacob:...You okay?

Tsuchina:..Why?....why would you come and save me?

Jacob: Well...I thought about it. And I figured....Hey....She's almost like the rest of us. Besides...Me treating you like a trouble-making witch wasnt getting anyone anywhere. So....Yeah.

Tsuchina:...-starts to cry- THANK YOU!!! -sobs-

-scene transitions to back inside the school-

Diane& Peppermint:-are both holding boxes while walking-

Diane: So Good news. I heard that Tsuchina completely cleaned up her act. She apologized to the other students in her class about all the mean pranks she pulled. And even managed to gain the sympathy of everyone else.....They all felt really bad about they way they treated her. And slowly..but surely...everyone started opening up too her.

Peppermint: That's great! -opens a door-

Diane: She's even going to start practicing with her wind powers now. Cool right?

Peppermint: Yeah! I'm glad she's feeling better about herse-sees Tsuchina hugging onto Jacob-

Tsuchina: I LOVE YOU JAKEY!!!! -makes a kitty face-

Jacob: Um....could you let go now?! -is wide eyed- !!! GIRLS! O3O

[Music: Churu Churu Paya Paya - Rosario + Vampire OST]

Diane: Wh-what's going on here?! O_O

Tsuchina: Well ever since that time Jacob totally saved me with his badassery I've fallen head over heels in love!! -presses her chest up against his-

Jacob:-nosebleeds- O_O

Tsuchina: When you saved me and shot that gun it looked SO sexy! I'm completely intoxicated by your amazing badassery! Part of me wants him to save me all over again!

Diane: HEY GET OFF!!! -runs over to Jacob,tugs on his arm- HE'S MY BADDASS!! YOU HEAR?!

Tsuchina: Learn to share you big-boobed bimbo!!! -pulls on him and they get into a tugging match-

Jacob: OH GOD....HELP ME.....-is bleeding from the nose-

Peppermint:-has shadows over her eyes-....You two...cant have him....

Tsuchina & Diane:-look at Peppermint- ???

Peppermint:-lunges at Jacob in a possessive manner- JACOB IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!! -bites Jacob on the neck and makes the sexual moaning sound-

Jacob: OH GOD...NOT AGAIN!!!!

(Music Ends)


(Churu Churu Paya Paya starts over)

Tsuchina: HEY JAAAAKE! Want to go swimming?!

Diane: Yeah! You can see me in my bikini!

Jacob: Dagghgh! Jeez it's like you girls are trying to kill me...wait a says in the script that clubs are next?! of them wants to eat ME?! What the actual fuck?!

Peppermint: Uh Jakey....I dont mix well with water....

Jacob: No seriously?! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?!

Peppermint: On the next Okami + Demon! Swimming Pool & A demon! And another! -bites Jacob on the neck again and makes the sexual moaning sound-


Okami + Demon Ep.3
Sorry this is so late everyone. Last night's party was off the chain. Plus i've been busy with school & stuff so please forgive me if I dont upload these regularly.

Synopsis: While checking the results from mid-term exams. Peppermint & Jacob are being watched by a young Kaze-Okami named Tsuchina Kazeguruma, who is then harrased by the class president, Brass, and his 2 lackeys, Silver & Platt. Peppermint saves her life but she runs off after a gust of wind blows everyone's skirts up. Jacob & Peppermint then try to comfort her, but she says that because she cant control her powers, she's often isolated from everyone. However she considers peppermint a very special person in the school and is revealed to be her #1 fan. Much too Jacob's chagrin. She also sees Jacob as a nuisance, and decides to "Declare War" on him, while also embarrassing him. After she runs off at Peppermint's Expense, She is cornered by Brass,Silver & Platt, who take her to the forest to rape her. Jacob & Peppermint argue over her actions, but Peppermint decides to go into the forest and save her. She tries to fight the 3 of them on Tsuchina's behalf but luckily, Jacob arrives just in time to waste the 3 of them. Later on, Tsuchina joins Jacob's group of friends by professing her love for him.
Hey all my fellow awesome bringers! Its Jeff here again with another Awesome Log.'s the big day. MY BIRTHDAY!

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I might throw a big party later on in the new guild hall to celebrate, but more on that later. Anyways thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. It means a lot to me that you guys care. :heart: Infact it means so much that im going to acknowledge the awesome people who sent me birthday wishes.

Awesome People in Question:


Thanks bros and....lady...bros! You guys kick ass. :icongreenheartplz:

Now for the second reason for this log. My Character roster has grown EXPONENTIALLY over the years. I've had many heroes and villains. For now im going to list every single character I have from the heroes to the villains to the undecided.


Jeff The Wolf Sage
Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf
Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna
Scythe The Ice Fox
Bumbla The Bumble Bat
Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame
Fury The Dark Flame
Waker The Wind Hog
Gungas The Sniper Hog
Momoka Sejiran
Tsuchina Sakugen
Zokuto Kuroichikage
Nureta Mizukan
Tsuyomi Usuzuki
Shinsen Usuzuki
Sakurabana Usuzuki
Kagabuchi Moyasu
Nageru Mizukan
Kikaze Sakugen
Kazehana Sakugen
Funsai Housen
Sosuke Oshizen
Shougeki Kaminari
Kashimo Kataki
YinYan & Yonlon
Amuki Nagasaki
Kaila Amiyuki
Tomomi Takuro


JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf
Shoukuni Yaminari
Siegfried Dolbain
Hetalix The Heat Dragon Slayer
Orpheus The Chaos Dragon Slayer
Solistine The Crystal Dragon Slayer
Xenayx The Dark Lightning Echidna
Sxynap The Taratula Echidna
Maroux The Dark Rose Echidna
Xariou The Poison Echidna
Zoriko The Zombie Echidna
Lord Zxilyxz
Reed Chronos

Skrell The Fox
Rawkman Poolio
Jack Von Lantern
Gallus Amiyuki
Reformed JanJekeru

Okami + Demon Characters:

Peppermint Sotoyomai
Diane Morigani
Tsuchina Kazeguruma
Kagabuchi Moyasu
Adam Loupose
Dahlia Ura
Jeff's Awesome Face by JeffTheWolfSage
Jeff's Awesome Face
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" There is no time to waste on you. My master was indeed evil for his actions....but I will never forget the strength he instilled in me. This beating heart has the strength of a lion. A lion that roars louder than any sound heard across the world. And as long as i'm standing I will NOT let my master fall into the hands of evil again!"

-Zokuto To Elliot during their first meeting

Zokuto Kuroichikage is an orphaned Wolf Sage and a former member of the Royal Wolf Sage Pack of wolf sages that protected the land of Ookami Pakku. He is now a member of the Awesome Bringer Guild and is the speed demon of Team Dark Shadow as well as the powerhouse of Team Okami.


Zokuto Yūgure Kuroichikage

Physical Characteristics

Race: Wolf Sage
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (Past)
    21 (Present)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 116 lbs(226 kg)
Birthday: October 27 (20XX)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Fur Color: Grey
Eye Color: Dark Purple
Blood Type: AO

Professional Status

Affiliation: Awesome Bringer Guild
Previous Affiliation: Royal Wolf Sage Pack
Guild Mark Location: Right Pectoral Muscle
Occupation: Adventurer
Base Of Operations: Awesome Bringer West Guild Hall

Personal Status

Status: Active
Relatives: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single (By Choice)
Orientation: Straight
Likes: Serenity, Watching the moon, Sparring, Training with his former master(S)
Dislikes: Nureta, Shadowhachi, People bothering him during training, Silliness, Stupidity
Alignment: Good
Morals: Serious, Uptight, Strong, Brave, Dark, Selfless, Hard-working
Threat Level: Very High
Element(S): Darkness, Shadows
IQ: 156
Theme Song: Awake & Alive - Skillet
Speed: 10
Strength: 9
Defense: 8
Skill Projection: 9
Evasiveness: 8
Overall Battle Skill: 8

Powers And Abilities

Physical Abilities: Master Hand-to-hand combatant, Immense strength, Amazing speed & Reflexes, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Durability, Intense Chi Power

Powers: Shadow Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Kami-Technique, Wolf Sage Arts, Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kurai Zokuto mode, Seiryu No Gannin


Japanese Voice Actress: Hiroki Tochi
English Voice Actress: Rick Keeling

.: Contents :.

4.Powers And Abilities
5. Relationships


Zokuto is a tall, burly young wolf sage with an athletic body. He also has short wavy hair that gives him small bangs that barely cover the top of his eyes. Like most wolf sages he has whiskers that point upwards on his muzzle and has a long tail. His fur is gray but his hair is jet black. Zokuto also wears a vest with Japanese Kanji written on it saying "The strongest heart is always left beating". Which is a kanji phrase once said by his master Tsuyomi. He also wears long black pants with ripples at the bottom and large black boots. Also the large Kanji for "Darkness" is written on the back of his vest as a seal put there by Tsuyomi to restrain his true power from surfacing. He also wears 2 black gloves without knuckles and a long studded belt with silver studs.


Due to his past being a mystery. Zokuto is something of an enigma. It's difficult to tell exactly what he's thinking. He often keeps to himself and doesn't really bother with anyone else's problems and usually just wants to be left alone to himself. He is somewhat quiet in nature, only speaking when necessary. Often for himself or for the plight of others. While he may seem a bit selfish at first, he is often quite selfless, when he sees a person or creature in need he will gladly go and save them. He once had the choice of saving a young child from the wrath of Chaos Theosis during their attack on Otenki Village, or he could've just followed orders and stayed put. He chose to save the child and as a result, he nearly lost his life trying to escape the village, but he did so on his own accord. Zokuto is also very serious to a point where he doesn't really know how to have fun with things, while mostly everyone in the guild knows how to joke around and have fun, Zokuto is usually all about training to get stronger. He hates losing a battle, as evidences when he cried after his battle with Elliot, saying that he wasn't worthy of his master Shoukuni's tutelage if he cant win. He often trains very hard and pushes himself past his limits to train as hard as he can so he can gain enough strength to fight even the strongest of enemies. His seriousness often confounds others who are mostly about having fun like Shadowhachi or Nureta. He's also somewhat uptight about things, having a "No Nonsense" type of attitude and preferring to keep his eyes on the ball at all times in order to complete an objective flawlessly and efficiently. That saying, he's also a massive perfectionist. If something is not done to perfection he will often have massive breakdowns. This is further evident by his dark nature. He often will say somewhat dark things to others and can be a little malicious sometimes, to the point where he could be seen as somewhat of a bad guy. This part of him was seen and has been contained by Tsuyomi. And ever since then Zokuto has been more calm and in control of his malicious urges. He adopted this after learning how to control darkness from his former master, Shoukuni Yaminari. Not only did Tsuyomi seal away his inner darkness, but he also instilled a great Teaching within him. A great Teaching that gave Zokuto a great strength within himself. This teaching was that bravery in the face of doubt or danger can often be your greatest defense, and your saving grace. As a result, Zokuto's bravery and strength is unparalled in the guild, only rivaled by the likes of peppermint. He has an iron will and cannot be convinced of anything otherwise.


Zokuto is an orphan, growing up without parents, he often lived a sheltered life in Otenki Village growing up under the tutelage of Tsuyomi as one of his first students out of the 3 members of team Okami. He had no one but himself to train with often and was usually by himself. As a result he didn't really get along with other cubs much at all as a young child, he still has trouble getting along with others today as it is. As a result, Tsuyomi employed Shoukuni Yaminari, his second master, to teach him the ways of the seiryu no gannin. Shoukuni thought of a better way to teach him through the discovery of the darkness within him. He taught him several ways to bend the darkness in his body and eventually, it also corrupted Zokuto's soul. Shoukuni Yaminari now had a special underling for his conquest but it failed after Tsuyomi sealed his darkness away. Regardless, Shoukuni continued to teach Zokuto, and the two got rather close, saying that Zokuto was the only one that Shoukuni liked. They shared a teacher-student relationship, and Zokuto grew up to greatly admire and respect his master. But when he found out he was the one who killed Shinsen & Sakurabana, he was devastated. However now that he's older, he still clings to his master's teachings and uses his skills to his advantage. Never forgetting both of his masters in the process.

[Powers & Abilities]

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Zokuto is not only the strongest out of Team Okami, but he is also the best in hand to hand combat. His combat skills are so well versed that he even managed to knock down Elliot on is first attack effortlessly. He's also tangled with the likes of his own teammate Momoka and has managed to defeat her on several occasions during sparring matches, and has held his own against the likes of Jacob Uchiha. Zokuto is a master martial artist, preferring a fluent fighting style that combines several martial arts, such as Aikido, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, & his specialty, Jeet Kune Do.

Immense Strength: Zokuto is a massive powerhouse. Infact he's such a powerhouse that he rivals SH in strength. He's been seen effortlessly slamming Elliot into a tree. And has effortlessly blocked a punch from Chase Young like it was nothing. He's also been seen shattering the back hull of the Victoria airship with just one punch. Even more so, as a testament to his great strength, One of his training exercises is to lift giant trees and do 10 sets of 100 reps every other day. Also he's defeated SH in an arm-Wrestling match.

Amazing Speed & Reflexes: Zokuto's speed & reflexes are insane. Which is why he's the speed demon of Team Dark Shadow. He's able to keep up with Elliot's speed in several ways, and has even managed to outrun clones of Devlyn.

Enhanced Endurance: Zokuto has great amounts of endurance, He lasted quite awhile against Elliot even though in the end he was defeated. And has even went up against and effortlessly defeated the likes of Devlyn's clones without tiring out

Enhanced Durability: His Kami-Tekkai is incredibly strong. It's strong enough to effortlessly survive a powerful explosion from Chase Young's Lightning Generation, and has even been able to survive a poisonous bite from J.T.

Intense Chi Power: Zokuto's Chi power is massive. His Chi is a very dark purple in color and is dark in nature, drawing in from his inner darkness.

Shadow Manipulation: Zokuto can manipulate his to control his own shadow to manipulate others and can manipulate the shadows of others in a variety of ways. His shadow control goes so far as to give him a separate chi aura made entirely of shadows.

Darkness Manipulation: As taught to him by Shoukuni Yaminari, Zokuto is powerful enough to manipulate darkness and not stay corrupted. Unlike his master, Zokuto can use darkness as he pleases and can use it in a similar way Shadowhachi uses it. Hence why the team is called "Dark Shadow". Zokuto can conjur up large dark creatures or bend the darkness around him to create various shapes, forms & weapons.

Kami Technique: Zokuto is a master of 4 forms of Kami.

Kami-Soru: Zokuto can teleport to virtually anywhere he wants using Kami-Soru.

Kami-Hao: Taught to him by Tsuyomi, Zokuto can utilize the Kami-Hao technique to dodge impossible to dodge attacks even at lightspeed rates.

Kami-Rankyaku: Zokuto can kick his opponents with powerful dark cutter projectiles.

Kami-Kage Rankyaku: Zokuto can combine his shadows with the Kami-Rankyaku technique to form shadow cutters.

Kami-Rankyaku: Burakku konagona kiba (ブラック粉々牙 Black Shatter Fang) This is a mini version of one of his special wolf sage arts. With this technique Zokuto kicks horizontally and sends out a wave of black chi energy that completely destroys the ground in front of him as well as all who is within the blast radius. For this technique, his chi turns completely black.

Kami-Tekkai: Zokuto's Kami-Tekkai is often called to be the strongest in the land. Making his body nearly impregnable.

Seiryu No Gannin: As par with his training in The Seiryu no Gannin. Zokuto's mind, body & soul are all in top form. This is how he controls the darkness inside of him with the help of Tsuyomi's Twilight seal.

Chi Manipulation: He has an incredible control over his Chi. Chi is a physical manifestation of the user's own energy. Zokuto can control this energy to do nearly anything he wants, such as walk on water, and turn it black.

Wolf Sage Arts: As per with his training from Tsuyomi & even Shoukuni, Zokuto has gained the ability to use his own special unique wolf sage arts.

Wolf Sage Art: Shadouookami no sakuganki (シャドウオオカミの削岩機 Shadow Wolf's Jackhammer) This wolf sage art utilizes Darkness in contrast to the name. Zokuto causes several large fists made out of his darkness to rise from the ground and uppercut his opponent, then one fist pounds his opponent into the ground and four separate fists pound several times onto his opponent at great speeds to create the sound of a Jackhammer. This move is strong enough to pound an opponent into submission and has even been known to defeat Darkz in one shot.

Wolf Sage Art: Shadōurufu no hasami suraisu (シャドーウルフのはさみスライス Shadow Wolf's Scissor Slice) Zokuto summons darkness to his hands and swipes his arms forward sending out to gigantic waves of darkness that destroy everything in it's path. It's blast radius Is not that large, but its power is unmatched. As it eviscerates everything in it's path.

Wolf Sage Art:Shadō ōkami no kiba ken (シャドウ狼の牙の拳 Shadow Wolf's Fang Fist) This move might be similar to Jeff's Okami Chaos Fist. Zokuto gather's darkness over his hands and punches his opponent, thusly blasting them away with darkness.

Wolf Sage Art: Shadouookami no teitai dageki (シャドウオオカミの手痛い打撃 Shadow Wolf's Mauling) This wolf sage art is quite dangerous. As it was first used on Jacob Uchiha. Zokuto can only use this art when in control of someone else's shadow. He utilizes their shadow and sends several mini wolves after his opponent that come up through his opponent's shadow to maul them. The wolves are often like the twilight dimension wolves, they wont stop until they are completely finished with their opponent. They will eat away at you until you are completely mauled or until Zokuto commands them to stop. Zokuto can also utilize this art to summons shadow wolves to do his own bidding.

Wolf Sage Art: In'nāsankutamu yami (インナーサンクタム闇 Inner Sanctum Darkness) This wolf sage art is special only to Zokuto. Zokuto can tap into his inner darkness and trap his opponent in a giant seal that draws on their own darkness inside their heart. He can also use that darkness to either cause them to go insane due to darkness overload or kill them almost instantly. This is one of his few fatal moves.

Wolf Sage Art: Shadōurufu no seishi no shoji (シャドーウルフの影の所持 Shadow Wolf's Spirit Possession) This advanced technique allows Zokuto to posses virtually anything he wants with his shadow or his darkness and use it to his advantage. This attack was on display against Jacob Uchiha when he possessed one of his attacks and sent if flying back at him.

Great Wolf Sage Art: Burakku kuiaratame (ブラック悔い改め Black Repentance) This is only used as a last resort wolf sage art. Only able to be used in his full wolf sage form. Zokuto basically grabs his opponent and impales them and himself with black crosses, the crosses then explode after he overloads his opponent with darkness as he dies along with his opponent. This wolf sage art has been mentioned by Zokuto during his fight with Elliot. But Tsuyomi has warned him to never use this art. As it will turn his darkness against him and will kill him.

Great Wolf Sage Art: Shadō ōkami no tamashī karitori (シャドウ狼の魂刈り取り Shadow Wolf's Soul Reaping) This is Zokuto's greatest wolf sage art as well as his most fatal. If an opponent is hit with this attack, they will die due to mass corruption and will lose their soul due to the darkness. Zokuto transforms into a giant silhouette of the grim reaper made out of shadows and gains a gigantic death scythe, he then slices right through his opponent without actually slicing them in half. This art is only possible in his perfect wolf sage form.

Full Wolf Sage Mode: Zokuto's superior training gave him the ability to gain a Full Wolf Sage form. His chi power & strength rise exponential as a result.

Perfect Wolf Sage Form: Once combined with his inner darkness and his incredible chi power, Zokuto can unleash his perfect Wolf Sage mode. However with his perfect wolf sage mode he can come close to being corrupted by the darkness inside of him.

Kurai Zokuto: Meaning "Black" Zokuto. This is Zokuto's dark side. An inner darkness he still has trouble controlling to this very day. His inner darkness is strong enough to take control of him when he loses control of his emotions, and not just when he gets angry. It's usually any negative emotion, when he feels sadness, despair, pain or anything. In can also take control of him when he's close to death. This give him a new form and makes his body entirely black with blank jet black eyes that have a white glow around them. It also covers his body with shadow monsters and gives him full control of the darkness inside of him. However the darkness is the one in control, he can just use it however the darkness pleases. This power was said to rival that of Shoukuni's. ITs so powerful it was sealed away by Tsuyomi. If Zokuto reaches this form, He will lose control and he will go completely insane, looking to gain more power and destroy anyone in his way.


Shoukuni Yaminari: Shoukuni Zokuto's former master and closest comrade. The two shared a student-teacher relationship, and Shoukuni often taught Zokuto all about the world as well as how to utilize his inner darkness. Though he was unaware of his evil intentions to overthrow his brother Shinsen. Zokuto often looked up to his master and considered him a role model. Always looking to him for advice and guidance. He was utterly devastated when he found out Shoukuni killed Shinsen, but he still holds onto his master's teachings and still respects him to this very day. However he also will never forgive him for his crimes.

Tsuyomi: Zokuto's first master and father figure. Since Zokuto is an orphan, Tsuyomi is the one who raised him from the ground up. Raising all 3 members of Team Okami by his side. Zokuto now considers him a better master than that of his second master Shoukuni and greatly respects him. He still seeks guidance from him often in order to keep his darkness in check. Tsuyomi cares for his young disciple and often loosk out for him on multiple occasions.

Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna: SH & Zokuto are rivals in the guild. They don't hate eachother, but Zokuto cannot stand his fool-hardy attitude as well as his obnoxiousness. SH & him often argue and fight each other, whether it be for personal reasons, or for absurd reasons. They virtually never get along and are always arguing, much to Yumi's chagrin. However they work flawlessly as a team. SH & Zokuto, when working together, know exactly what each other are thinking and can act together utilizing their similar powers in each other.

Yumi The Dark Shadow: Zokuto & Yumi are friends in the guild as well as teammates with Shadowhachi. Zokuto respects Yumi as SH's wife and usually gets along with her. They also work well as a team.

Nureta Mizukan: Zokuto & Nureta are also Rivals in the guild, this is in part due to Nureta's Laid-back attitude and Zokuto's serious uptight demeanor. Nureta often argues that Zokuto doesn't know how too "Chill". Zokuto argues that Nureta is a lazy flea who doesn't know how to work. Causing the two of them to spiral into rival arguments. The two despise each other, even more so that SH despises Zokuto. Although Nureta does think that Zokuto is cute, she still despises him to an insane degree.

Jeff The Wolf Sage: Jeff & Zokuto are guildmates and also share somewhat of a Teacher-Student relationship. Zokuto looks up to Jeff as the son of shinsen and also looks to him for guidance and advice. Jeff also respects Zokuto as the powerhouse of his own team and considers him one of the strongest in the guild.

Momoka Sejiran: Momoka & Zokuto are friends & guildmates. They used to spar a lot and are still sparring to this very day. Zokuto often says that momoka's great intelligence often compliments his great strength. And just like him, Momoka also has somewhat of a "no nonsense" Attitude. Meaning that Zokuto actually respects momoka on several accounts. He also remembers growing up with Momoka, though the two of them are not the best of friends, they are still great friends regardless and generally care about each other's well-being.

Tsuchina Sakugen: Tsuchina & Zokuto are good friends and guildmates. Zokuto has often tried to get Tsuchina to come out of her bubble quite often, with little to no success. Tsuchina however is grateful to Zokuto for teaching her the value of strength and helping her perfect it. Because of him she's now a little stronger in many ways. Tsuchina consider's Zokuto's hard-working attitude to be an inspiration to others and often looks up to him. She also remembers growing up with Him & Momoka.
Zokuto's Bio (Wiki Style)
These things will surprise you in multiple ways. So I'm going to be uploading several Bios today, one of them being Zokuto's bio. The only Okami bio left of mine is Jeff's bio, which im still working on. Sorry guys but THAT'S GONNA BE A LOOOOOOOOOOONG ASS BIO. So forgive me if it hasn't come out yet. Also i'm making a few updates to other bios just in case I miss anything. Toodles broskis! I may upload another bio today as well.

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Hey all my fellow awesome bringers! Its Jeff here again with another Awesome Log.'s the big day. MY BIRTHDAY!

:party::iconrainbowcakeplz::iconjeffisawesomeplz: PARTY!!!!!!!!! :iconjeffisawesomeplz::iconrainbowcakeplz::party:

I might throw a big party later on in the new guild hall to celebrate, but more on that later. Anyways thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. It means a lot to me that you guys care. :heart: Infact it means so much that im going to acknowledge the awesome people who sent me birthday wishes.

Awesome People in Question:


Thanks bros and....lady...bros! You guys kick ass. :icongreenheartplz:

Now for the second reason for this log. My Character roster has grown EXPONENTIALLY over the years. I've had many heroes and villains. For now im going to list every single character I have from the heroes to the villains to the undecided.


Jeff The Wolf Sage
Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf
Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna
Scythe The Ice Fox
Bumbla The Bumble Bat
Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame
Fury The Dark Flame
Waker The Wind Hog
Gungas The Sniper Hog
Momoka Sejiran
Tsuchina Sakugen
Zokuto Kuroichikage
Nureta Mizukan
Tsuyomi Usuzuki
Shinsen Usuzuki
Sakurabana Usuzuki
Kagabuchi Moyasu
Nageru Mizukan
Kikaze Sakugen
Kazehana Sakugen
Funsai Housen
Sosuke Oshizen
Shougeki Kaminari
Kashimo Kataki
YinYan & Yonlon
Amuki Nagasaki
Kaila Amiyuki
Tomomi Takuro


JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf
Shoukuni Yaminari
Siegfried Dolbain
Hetalix The Heat Dragon Slayer
Orpheus The Chaos Dragon Slayer
Solistine The Crystal Dragon Slayer
Xenayx The Dark Lightning Echidna
Sxynap The Taratula Echidna
Maroux The Dark Rose Echidna
Xariou The Poison Echidna
Zoriko The Zombie Echidna
Lord Zxilyxz
Reed Chronos

Skrell The Fox
Rawkman Poolio
Jack Von Lantern
Gallus Amiyuki
Reformed JanJekeru

Okami + Demon Characters:

Peppermint Sotoyomai
Diane Morigani
Tsuchina Kazeguruma
Kagabuchi Moyasu
Adam Loupose
Dahlia Ura


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