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1. Who would rather be stranded on an island with: Kiala the Cat or Yul the Hedgehog?

Answer: Yul Obviously XP

1. What's your favorite villain song and from what movie?

Answer: That's My Lullaby - Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

3. If you could describe Tj and Tonya with one word what would it be?
Answer: Stumped

4. Which of my characters can you relate to and why?

Answer: I....actually have no idea. O3O

5. What is the first word that popped into your mind just now?

Answer: AWESOME :iconjeffisawesomeplz:

6. Boo!!!

Answer:-makes the animatronic noise to scare you back-

7. Did i scare you?

Answer: No..I killed you.

8. Did you realize something? 

Answer: I miss kara O3O

9. How about now?

Answer: This test is getting a little dull! >:P

10. How do you let someone know you're pissed off without telling them with words?

Answer: Give them the death glare. Trust me...they'll know.

My questions: 
1. If you could have sex with any anime character (Male or Female) Who would it be?

2. What's your favorite type of weapon to use?

3.  How are you feeling right now?

4. Who in my roster of characters is your favorite?

5. Do you want to spend a night at Freddy Fazbears?

6. Then go and apply for the job and...Well it was nice knowin' ya.

7. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie center of a tootsie pop?


9. Who would you rather spend the night making love too? Mileena from Mortal Kombat, or Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter. (And remember guys, she's actually a dude.)

10. Would you like to join the awesome guild today?! :D

I tag: :iconghostthehedgehog12::icongaruniox::iconfireshot65::iconrango1324::icontailmouth-cupcake:
Hey my fellow awesome bringers. My new fanfiction series has got me thinking, What if Me, my characters & Others were in a Fighting Game?! That would be Freakin' Awesome right? So i've titled a video game Idea after my series, I call it Awesome Bringers: Fighting Spirits UNLEASHED! 

  • Video Game Info
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Characters (100 in total)
  • Team
  • Tag Team Combos & Triple Finishes
  • Stages (25 In total)
  • Modes
  • DLC
  1. Video Game Info

Playable on: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures, Okami + Demon, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Flame Of Miracle, KT crossover crew

Rating: T for Teen

Developer: Namco-Bandai Games + Collaboration With SEGA & CyberConnect2

    2. Gameplay Mechanics

This game will sport a total 120 playable characters from the awesome bringer canon universe including alternate versions or other characters to even out the roster, it will also feature guest characters from other canon universes such as the Okami + Demon universe, The Flame Of Miracle Universe & Even the sonic the hedgehog universe. The game will also feature DLC characters as well, sporting a total 10 DLC characters with 5 DLC stages to round out the stage selections to 25. The gameplay revolves around a combo system and will feature gameplay mechanic similar to games such as The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Series & The Marvel Vs Capcom Series with a Hint of DBZ Budokai thrown in for good measure. Fighters have a very large set of moves. Normal moves/combos are performed by punching,kicking, blasting, or slashing depending on what you use. Characters can use more complex moves by using Chi from the Chi gauge. Chi gauges can be maxed out up too 7 times. Normal combos do not use Chi, as they are basic combos that can lead into more complex moves that actually use chi called Chi Attacks. Chi Attacks are moves that can be performed mid-combo and often follow up a normal combo. Each character can have up to 5 Chi Attacks that they can activate at any time with the right combo performed, but it costs one chi gauge, and if performed without the right combo the character will perform his/her first Chi Attack. Characters also have stronger moves called Chi Arts, which are fairly long combos that can do devastating damage. These combos cost 3 chi gauges and can be used to finish an opponent, often taking the form of quicktime events. If the player fails to press the right button during quicktime events, the chi art will fail. Characters can also gain even more power through their "Chi Unleashed" forms. Most characters can only have up to 4 Chi unleashed forms. Chi Unleashed forms often max out your chi slowly as they cost  2 chi gauges at first, but slowly cause your chi to rise. Also a character's power gains numerous effects and different moves from their unleashed forms. Characters can sidestep their opponent and guard as defensive moves by double tapping the joystick of a controller, and can grab their opponents. Also the game features A "boost mode" mechanic where each fighter shall start fighting rapidly in game. In order to win at boost mode the player must press the required button repeatedly very fast before the other player. Also the game has other mechanics such as Guard Break, Aerial combos, Aerial Takedowns, & Mega Slams, Which do alot of damage, as well as counter attacks. To perform Aerial Takedowns Just press the Grab button in the middle of an aerial combo. To perform a Mega slam, a certain combo is required where at the end you press the grab button. To perform a counterattack press the guard button once during another character's combo.

Before a battle begins in versus mode the player has the option of selecting "Assist Elements" to add various effects to their characters regardless of what their original element is. If mixed well with a certain element this will make for amazing combinations that can destroy an opponent. They can also set how much health they have, and certain characters have alternate costumes that can be bought in game at Jin's Shop. Players can fight each other in 3 ways, 2 plays, 4 player, or 6 players. The modes are 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 1 on 3, or 3 on 3. In 2 on 2 mode, players can utilize what is called "Tag Team Arts" which allow characters to put their moves together and devastate an opponent. Certain tag teams have certain arts tailored to their style. In 3 on 3 modes, Players can utilize 3 man teams to perform "Triple Finishes" which cost one gauge from each character to perform.

Playstation 3/4 Controls: X= Slash, O= Punch, Triangle= Kick, Square= Blast, L2= Special Move, R2= Guard, L1= Grab, R1 = Taunt Control Stick/ Directional Buttons = Maneuver

Xbox One/360 Controls: A= Slash, B= Punch, Y= Kick, X= Blast, LT= Special Move, RT= Guard, LB= Grab, RB= Taunt, Left Stick/ Directional Buttons= Maneuver, Right Stick= Not Used

    3. Characters 

    NOTE: Chi Unleashed Forms In Parenthesis.
  • Jeff The Wolf Sage (Chaos Storms, Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kami Wolf Sage Mode)
  • Emerald Rage Wolf Jeff (Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Final Stage)
  • Shinigami Captain Jeff (Bankai: Heireikei Shikon, Shokkingu Heireikei Shikon Kozetsu Kozetsu, Arashi Ranmyaku)
  • Oni Kami Wolf Sage Jeff
  • Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Super Form, Infernal Mode, Dahlia Possession)
  • Demonic Peppermint (Controlled Form, Lucifer's Darkness)
  • Dahlia (Devil Trigger)
  • Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna (Kurokage, Bankai: Kurokage Hakaisha, Kurokage Hakaisha Zirebachi, Moku-Shadowhachi)
  • Bumbla The BumbleBat
  • Scythe The Ice Fox (Touketsu, Bankai: Zanken Hyoketsu, Crystalline Bone Phantasm, Chi Reitensu mode)
  • Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame (Destruction Mode, Evisceration Mode, Annihilation Mode)
  • Fury The Dark Flame (Flames of hades, Super form)
  • Waker The Windhog (Denki Chi, Neppu Chi, Tsume Chi, Wagana Chi)
  • Momoka Sejiran (Zen Mode, Full Wolf Sage Form)
  • Tsuchina Sakugen (Full Wolf Sage Form)
  • Kagabuchi Moyasu (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Kikaze Sakugen (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Nageru Mizukan(Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Shougeki Kaminari (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Funsai Housen (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Kashimo Kataki (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Shoukuni Yaminari (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kami Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Tsuyomi The Emerald Sage (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kami Wolf Sage Mode)
  • Shinsen The Wolf (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kami Wolf Sage Mode)
  • Sakurabana The Wolf (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode)
  • Zokuto Kuroichikage (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Perfect Wolf Sage Mode, Kurai Zokuto)
  • Nureta Mizukan (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Wolf Beast Mode)
  • Raiden
  • YinYan & YonLon
  • JanJekeru the Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf (Evovled Form, Ressureccion: Reihiru Infiernio, Vasto Lorde Form)
  • Asura (Zoni, Shin Zoni)
  • Xenayx The Dark Lightning Echidna
  • Zoriko The Zombie Echidna
  • Zariou The Poison Echidna
  • Sxynap The Tarantula Echidna
  • Maroux The Dark Rose Echidna
  • Lord Zxylizx (Monster Transformation)
  • Orpheus The Chaos Dragon Slayer (Chaos Drive, Dragon Force)
  • Hetalix The Heat Dragon Slayer (Heat Drive, Dragon Force)
  • Gungas The Sniper (Adamantine Skin, Red Gorrila Takeover)
  • Raven The Sniper Fox
  • Solistine The Diamond Dragon Slayer (Diamond Skin, Dragon Force)
  • Otenki (Amaterasu Transformation)
  • Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog ( Super form)
  • Tj The Wolf Sage (Full Wolf Sage Form, Perfect Wolf Sage Form, Kami Wolf Sage Form, Wolf Beast Form)
  • Sakura Usuzuki The Wolf Sage (Full Wolf Sage Form, Wolf Beast Form)
  • Yumi The Dark Shadow 
  • Katherine The Angelhog (Light Angel, Seraph form)
  • Lace The Hedgewolf
  • Jon The Hedgehog
  • Twitty The Chao (Mobian Form)
  • Vanessa The Hedgehog (Super Form)
  • Ejiah The Ice Hedgehog
  • Glacier The Wolf
  • Yul The Hedgehog
  • Gadget The Hedgehog
  • Chase Young (Lizard Dragon Form)
  • J.T (Vamphog Form, Zorkon the 13 tailed shadow)
  • Scott
  • Sapphiron (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire)
- Unlockable Characters
  • Scarlett
  • Devlyn The Darkling Sage (Darkling form, Wolf Beast Form, Kami Darkling Form)
  • Easlan The Light Sage (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Rainbow Beast Mode)
  • Elliot The Dark Sage (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Dark Beast Mode)
  • Jacob Uchiha (Inazuma Possession,Devil Trigger, Super Form, Watanuki Form):iconfireshot65:
  • Gekido
  • Kyoshoku
  • Vazz Aiden Takashi (Super, Neo Form, Divine Form, Dragon Sage):iconamtraeonart:
  • Zackamai The Fiend Hog ( Super, Fiend Mode, Razor Transformation):iconamtraeonart:
  • Rainstone Raikiri :icontailmouth-cupcake:
  • Cammy Kitsune :icontailmouth-cupcake:
  • Borei "Ghost" Kesin (Super Form, Vampire Transformation) :iconghostthehedgehog:
  • Vicious
  • Yami Okami (Full Wolf Sage Form, Kami Wolf Sage Form)
  • Dark Travis 
  • Leander
  • Reed Chronos
  • Jack Von Lantern (Zetsu Release: Pumpkin spirit, Asura Pumpkin Monster, Pupakin Reikotsu, Asura Pupakin Reikotsu)
  • Amuki Nagasaki (Zetsu Release: Crystalline Spirit, Crystalline armor, Crystalline bone Phantasm)
  • Hollow Scythe (Zetsu Release: Kessho-Shitsu gosuto tamashi)
  • Skrell
  • Sanji
  • Luci
  • Kang
  • Dorakuma ( Oni sage transformation, Asura Dragon Transformation)
  • Oshoku (Kami Wolf Sage Form, Yin Form, Yang form, Yin-Yang Form)
  • Zeno Brando (Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, Godspeed, Umi Umi no fruit)
  • Danix The American Hedgehog (2nd Gear, Kitroun Chakra Mode)
  • Seldom Asura Blood (Black Blood Mode, Demon Blood Transformation)
  • Rango The Saiyan (SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4)
  • Joleen The Cat
  • Pyrrhy Ice Hedgewolf
  • Osku
  • Siegfriend Dolbain (Mephestos Transformation, Black Magic Monster Transformation)
  • Doyuka (Unmasked, Cobra eyes, Sukeni No Sarashi mode)
  • Diana (Demon Wolfkillian Armor, Nega Diana)
  • Emerald (Green Lantern, Red Lantern)
  • Sosuke Oshizen (Full Wolf Sage Mode, Mizu No Soriya)
  • Amaterasu (Yin Form, Wolf Goddess Form)
  • Densetsu (Yin-Yang form, Wolf Beast Form, Oni Kami Wolf Sage Form, Yin-Yang Kami Wolf Beast Form)
  • Fharo (Dragon Form)
  • Nero Kurai (Dragon Force)
  • Guest Characters/DLC

    •  Jacob Uchiha (Okami + Demon,Guest) (Devil Trigger, Mangekyou Sharigan, Inazuma Possession, Super Form)
    • Peppermint Sotoymai (Okami+ Demon,Guest) (Dahlia Transformation, Devil Trigger)
    • Adofo "Afro" Chukwumenka :iconcreativeartist-kenta: (Crossover Crew, Guest)
    • Garunio Koutsu (Flame Of Miracle Universe, Guest) (Red-Eyed Garunio, Dreamland, True Flame Mode)
    • Kim (Flame Of miracle Universe, Guest) (Red-Eyed Kim, True Flame Mode)
    • Green Lantern Jeff The Wolf Sage (DLC)
    • Yellow Lantern Shadowhachi (DLC)
    • Akatora (DLC)
    • Zetsumei (DLC)
    • Lancelot (DLC)
    • Nesto (DLC)
    • Rawkman Poolio (DLC)
    • Sonic The Hedgehog (DLC) (Super Form, Hyper Form, Dark Form, Hyper Shadic)
    • Shadow The Hedgehog (DLC) (Super Form, Hyper Form, Hyper Shadic)
    • Jeff The Hedgehog (DLC) (Super Form, Chaos Storms)
  • Scaruge Lazarou (Savage Scaruge)
  • (Flame Of Miracle Universe, DLC) Neo Helios
  • (DLC)
  • Soiya Koutso (Flame Of Miracle Universe,Guest) (Pink-Eyed transformation, Dreamland, True Flame Mode)
        4. Teams

    Parenthesis indicates the members of the teams

    - Best Blood Brothers (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog)
    - Okami Bros. (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Tj The Wolf Sage)
    - Three Times The Charm (Jeff The Wolf Sage, Oni Kami Wolf Sage Jeff, Emerald Rage Wolf Jeff)
    - Otherworldly Vibes ( Shinigami Captain Jeff & Green Lantern Jeff )
    - Best Friends ( Jeff The Wolf Sage & Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf )
    - Super Shinigami ( Jeff The Wolf Sage, Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Scythe The Ice Fox )
    - The Dudecode ( Jeff The Wolf Sage, Scythe The Ice Fox & Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna)
    - Team Okami ( Jeff The Wolf Sage, Tj The Wolf Sage & Sakura Usuzuki)
    - Okami Demons ( Jeff The Wolf Sage & Dahlia)
    - The New Resistance (Jeff, Drakeazoid, Peppermint, Shadowhachi, Bumbla, Scythe, & Waker)
    - Father & Son ( Shinsen Usuzuki & Jeff The Wolf Sage)
    - Mother & Son ( Sakurabana Usuzuki & Jeff The Wolf Sage)
    - Young & Old ( Tsuyomi Usuzuki & Jeff The Wolf Sage)
    - Usuzuki Family ( Jeff, Shinsen,Tsuyomi, Sakurabana, Shoukuni, Tj, & Sakura)
    - Perfectly Zen (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Momoka Sejiran)
    - Lightning Strike (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Raiden)
    - Okami Quintet (Jeff, Momoka, Tsuchina, Zokuto & Nureta)
    - Lock, Shock & Fizzle ( Jeff The Wolf Sage & Nureta Mizukan)
    - Alter Egos (Jeff The Wolf Sage & JanJekeru)
    - Dark Lightning (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Xenayx The Dark Lightning Echidna)
    - Godly Light (Oni Kami Wolf Sage Jeff & Shinsen Usuzuki)
    - Light of the Rainbow (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Easlan The Light Sage)
    - Mad Lightning (Emerald Rage Wolf Jeff & Xenayx The Dark Lightning Echidna)
    - Turn On The Lights (Green Lantern Jeff, Easlan, Katherine & Shinsen)
    - Chaos Calamity (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Orpheus)
    - Okami Cousins (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Lace The Hedgewolf)
    - Meet Your Maker (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Devlyn The Darkling Sage)
    - Light In The Darkness (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Elliot The Dark Sage)
    - Dāku Yūgure (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Yami Okami)
    - Densetsu (Shinsen, Jeff, Yami Okami & Tsuyomi)
    - Stylish! (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Green Gods (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Vazz Aiden Takashi)
    - Friend or Fiend (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Zackamai The Fiend Hog)
    - Shinigami Siblings (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Rainstone Raikiri)
    - Team Wolf (Jeff The Wolf Sage, Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog & Rainstone Raikiri)
    - J & G (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Borei "Ghost" Kesin)
    - Stupid Human (Jeff The Wolf Sage & Garunio Koutso)
    - Will & Fear (Green Lantern Jeff & Yellow Lantern Shadowhachi)
    - Chaos Heroes (Jeff The Hedgehog,Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog & Shadow The Hedgehog)
    - Candy Coated Love (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Zackamai The Fiend Hog)
    - Anger Issues (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf, Emerald Rage Wolf Jeff & Fury The Dark Flame)
    - Lucifer's Darkness (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Demonic Peppermint)
    - Demonic Opposites (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Dahlia)
    - Sweet Like Honey (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Bumbla The Bumblebat)
    - Cutie Pie (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Scythe The Ice Fox)
    - Old Flames (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame)
    - Team Burning Flame (Peppermint, Drakeazoid & Fury)
    - Peachy Sweet (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Momoka Sejiran)
    - Awesome Bringer Girls (Peppermint, Momoka, Tsuchina, Nureta, Bumbla, Yumi, Vanessa, Katherine, Twitty, Sakura & Gadget)
    - Molten Mentor (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Kagabuchi Moyasu)
    - Burning Guidance (Peppermint, Kagabuchi, Fury, Vanessa, Drakeazoid & Twitty)
    - Satsui no Kasai (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Asura)
    - Hot Like Fire (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Hetalix The Heat Dragon Slayer)
    - Red in the Head (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Gungas The Sniper)
    - Jawbreakers (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog)
    - Okami Bakuchiki (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Tj The Wolf Sage)
    - S-Ranked Demons (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Chaos Users (Peppermint, Jeff & Jacob)
    - True Demons (Peppermint, Dahlia & Kyoshoku)
    - Sickly Sweet (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Cammy Kitsune)
    - Two Times The Sugar (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Peppermint Sotoyomai)
    - Okami + Demon Crew (Peppermint, Peppermint Sotoyomai, Jacob Uchiha & O + D Jacob)
    - Heart Of Flames (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Kim)
    - Pepsi & Gary (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Garunio Koutso)
    - Scarlett Red (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Scarlett)
    - Crossover Cuties (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Adofo "Afro" Chukwumenka)
    - Shadow Sweethearts (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Yumi The Dark Shadow)
    - Bros For Life (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Scythe The Ice Fox)
    - Smart Alecks (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna, Momoka Sejiran & Waker The Wind Hog)
    - Scars of the Shadows (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Shoukuni Yaminari)
    - Team Dark Shadow (Shadowhachi, Yumi & Zokuto)
    - EvilEchidnaEntity (Shadowhachi, Xenayx, Zoriko, Xariou, Sxynap, Maroux & Lord Zxilyxz)
    - Double Nimrods (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Lace The Hedgewolf)
    - Snakebait (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Chase Young)
    - Dark Dimensions (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Elliot The Dark Sage)
    - Hollow Darkness (Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna & Hollow Scythe)
    - Team Gunslinger (Bumbla, Gungas & Raven)
    - Friends With Benefits (Bumbla The Bumblebat & Gungas The Sniper)
    - Honey Tree Leaves (Bumbla, Kashimo, Gungas & Raven)
    - Mechanic Rumble (Bumbla The Bumblebat & Nesto)
    - Gunslinger Guild (Bumbla(Stinger Costume Only), Gungas, Raven & Vicious)
    - Love is Yellow (Bumbla The Bumblebat & Yul The Hedgehog)
    - Chilling Waters (Scythe The Ice Fox & Nageru Mizukan)
    - Team Frostbite (Scythe, Ejiah & Glacier)
    - Cold & Calm (Scythe, Ejiah, Glacier & Nageru)
    - Frozen & Flirty (Scythe The Ice Fox & Nureta Mizukan)
    - Crystalline Diamonds (Scythe The Ice Fox & Solistine The Diamond Dragon Slayer)
    - Frozen Broskis (Scythe The Ice Fox & Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog)
    - Polar Opposties (Scythe The Ice Fox & Scott)
    - Chess Players (Scythe The Ice Fox & Vazz Aiden Takashi)
    - One Time Affair (Scythe The Ice Fox & Rainstone Raikiri)
    - Hollow Family (Scythe, Jack, Amuki, Skrell & Hollow Scythe)
    - Blood Feud (Scythe The Ice Fox & Skrell)
    - Oldest Rivals (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Lord Zxyilxz)
    - Twisted Metal (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Hetalix The Heat Dragon Slayer)
    - Packing Heat (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Gungas The Sniper)
    - Fire & Ice (Drakeazoid, Peppermint, Fury & Scythe, Ejiah & Glacier)
    - Storm Fire (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Scott)
    - Upgrade System (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Gadget The Hedgehog)
    - Flame of Technology (Drakeazoid The Cyborg Flame & Garunio Koutso)
    - Love Lillies (Waker The Wind Hog & Tsuchina Sakugen)
    - Team Whitewing (Waker, Tsuchina & Katherine)
    - Four Colors of The Wind (Waker, Tsuchina, Katherine & Kikaze)
    - Speed Demons (Waker, Jeff, Tj, Chase, Jacob, Vazz, Adofo & Sonic)
    - Racing Rivals (Waker The Wind Hog & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Tech Wizards (Waker, Scythe, Gadget & Nesto)
    - Childhood Besties (Momoka Sejiran & Tsuchina Sakugen)
    - Peachykins (Momoka Sejiran & Lace The Hedgewolf)
    - Team Seiryu (Momoka, Zokuto & Tsuchina)
    - Crushing Earth (Momoka, Lace & Funsai)
    - Students & Master (Momoka,Tsuchina,Zokuto & Tsuyomi)
    - Purple Okami (Momoka Sejiran & Nureta Mizukan)
    - Beyond Wise (Momoka, Otenki, Tsuyomi & Jeff)
    - Skilled Proteges (Momoka Sejiran & Chase Young)
    - Invisible (Momoka Sejiran & Borei "Ghost" Kesin)
    - Telekinetic Pet-Peeve (Momoka Sejiran & Garunio Koutso)
    - Former Students (Momoka Sejiran & Zetsumei)
    - Peach Tea Proteges (Momoka Sejiran & Yumi The Dark Shadow)
    - Family Breeze (Tsuchina Sakugen & Kikaze Sakugen)
    - Recluse Rivals (Tsuchina Sakugen & Dark Travis)
    - Unrequited Love (Leander & Tsuchina Sakugen)
    - Scared Spikey (Tsuchina Sakugen & Reed Chronos)
    - Okami Girls (Peppermint, Momoka, Tsuchina, Nureta, Sakura, Sakurabana, Kagabuchi, Nageru & Peppermint Sotoyomai)
    - Okami Boys (Jeff, Tj the Wolf Sage, Tsuyomi, Shinsen, Lace, Kikaze, Shougeki, Kashimo, Zetsumei,  Shoukuni, Raiden, O + D Jacob Uchiha & Otenki)
    - Old Okami ( Otenki & Tsuyomi Usuzuki)
    - Sacred Sages (Kagabuchi, Nageru, Kikaze, Shougeki, Funsai, Kashimo & Shoukuni)
    - The Worst of Friends (Zokuto Kuroichikage & Nureta Mizukan)
    - Shadow Student (Zokuto Kuroichikage & Shoukuni Yaminari)
    - Bitter Rivals (Zokuto Kuroichikage & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Darkness In my Heart (Zokuto Kuroichikage & Yami Okami)
    - Chaos Shadows (Zokuto Kuroichikage & Shadow The Hedgehog)
    - Mismatched Besties (Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf & Nureta Mizukan)
    - One Badass Couple (Nureta Mizukan & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Rising Tides (Nureta Mizukan & Tsuchina Sakugen)
    - Mizukan Family (Nageru Mizukan & Nureta Mizukan)
    - Frozen Solid (Nureta, Scythe, Ejiah, Glacier & Amuki)
    - The Three Guardians (Raiden & YinYan & YonLon)
    - Brave Warriors (Jeff, Raiden, Zokuto & Lancelot)
    - Okami Raidenshi (Raiden & Shougeki Kaminari)
    - YATTA!!! AFURO!!! (Raiden & Adofo "Afro" Chukwumenka)
    - Demonic Deviants (JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf & Asura)
    - Demon Skull (JanJekeru, Asura, Chase, Scott & J.T)
    - Demon Duo (JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf & J.T)
    - All-Out Adversaries (JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf & Tj The Wolf Sage)
    - Hedgewolves (Peppermint, JanJekeru & Lace)
    - Ultimate Villany (JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf & Elliot The Dark Sage)
    - Demonic Visoreds (JanJekeru The Negative Apocalypse Hedgewolf & Jacob Uchiha)
    - Hellish Hollows (JanJekeru, Hollow Scythe, Jack, Leander, Reed, Amuki, Skrell & Jacob)
    - Calamity Scale (Orpheus, Hetalic & Solistine)
    - Sharpshooters (Gungas The Sniper & Jon The Hedgehog)
    - Very Badass (Gungas, Jacob, Rawkman, Jack, Bumbla, Raven & Nureta)
    - Silent But Deadly (Tsuchina Sakugen & Raven The Sniper Fox)
    - I Touched Her First! (Gungas The Sniper, Yul The Hedgehog & Bumbla The Bumblebat)
    - Team Fury (Fury, Vanessa & Twitty)
    - Heylin Greats (Sanji, Chase Young & Dorakuma)
    - Ryujin Dragons (Sanji, Luci, Kang & Dorakuma)
    - Bumbling Skulls (J.T & Scott)
    - Light of Recluse (Sapphiron & Katherine The Angelhog)
    - Red Eye Guild (Devlyn, Scarlett, Chase Young, Scott, J.T & Reed)
    - Red Eye Lovers (Devlyn The Darkling Sage & Scarlett)
    - Jacob's Inner World (Jacob Uchiha, Kyoshoku & Gekido)
    - Legit Fighters (Jacob Uchiha & Garunio Koutso)
    - Okami Badasses (Jacob Uchiha & O + D Jacob Uchiha)
    - Deadpool Knock-offs (Jacob Uchiha & Rawkman Poolio)
    - True Badasses (Jacob Uchiha & Shadow The Hedgehog)
    - Chaos Cousins (Tj The Wolfian Hedgehog & Shadow The Hedgehog)
    - Flames Of Miracle (Garunio Koutso & Kim)
    - Sonic & Shadow (Sonic The Hedgehog & Shadw The Hedgehog...DUH.)

        5. Tag Team Combos & Triple Finishes

    - Coming Soon

        6. Stages

    • Crossover Arena
    • Awesome Bringer Guild Hall
    • Castle Destroia
    • Wolfian Square
    • Unleashed Super Stage (Unlockable)
    • Mt.Shikasen
    • Otenki Village
    • House Of Red Dragons (Unlockable)
    • Calamity Scale Guild Hall
    • SEGA Stadium (DLC Stage)
    • Limbo (Unlockable)
    • Recluse Kingdom (Unlockable)
    • Okami Island (Unlockable)
    • Castle Of Nightmares (Unlockable)
    • Scakageroza Ruins (Unlockable)
    • Victoria Airship (Unlockable)
    • Multiverse Tournament Arena (DLC Stage)
    • Okami Academy (DLC Stage)
    • Nesto's Lab (Unlockable)
    • Takashi Castle (Unlockable)
    • Green Hill Zone (DLC Stage)
    • Hanague Kuritsu Beach
    • Castle Avalon
    • Castle Wolfian
    • Space Colony A.R.K (DLC Stage)

        7. Modes

    Versus Mode: Fight 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 versus battles. Up to six players can play at one time.

    Adventure Mode: Play through the amazing adventures of the awesome bringer saga! Adventure modes can often take a free-roaming persective with in-game playtime, and can also have beat-em up stages where the player choose one character, sometimes with assist characters, to play through a stage. This counts as the story mode for the game and will be borrowing from several canon arcs.

    Bonus Mode: A Game mode where you can look at concept art, bonus footage, & Character models & Bios.

    Boss Rush Mode: The game's adventure mode will have many bosses. This is a rush through of all of them.

    Jin's Shop: A shopping mode, where you can purchase certain skills, combos, Moves, Concept art & Other things.

    Tournament Mode: A fighting tournament mode in which several players can get together and prove who's the best!

    Mega Mash Mode: A new unlockable mode that allows you to free roam around and destroy as many enemies from the story mode as you can. You can also set your certain states and control the way you want to play!

        8. DLC

    - Characters

    Heroic Halo Pack

    Green Lantern Jeff The Wolf Sage
    Rawkman Poolio
    Jeff The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Villanous Venom Pack

    Yellow Lantern Shadowhachi

    - <u style='font-style: italic;">Costumes</u>

    Pre Order Costumes

    Jeff The Wolf Sage (Ichigo Outfit)
    Jacob Uchiha (Green Lantern Outfit)
    Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf (Sailor Suit)
    Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf (Schoolgirl Outfit)
    Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf (Red Dress Outfit)
    Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna (Pirate Outfit)
    Garunio Koutso (Natsu Outfit)
    Kim (Lucy Outfit)
    Tsuyomi Usuzuki (Captain Yamamoto Outfit)
    Jeff The Wolf Sage (Amaterasu Outfit)

    Bikini Outfits

    Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf
    Nureta Mizukan
    Tsuchina Sakugen
    Bumbla The Bumblebat
    Momoka Sejiran
    Yumi The Dark Shadow
    Katherine The Angelhog
    Cammy Kitsune
    Rainstone Raikiri
    Kagabuchi Moyasu
    Nageru Mizukan
    Vanessa The Hedgehog
    Twitty The Chao/Mobian
    Peppermint Sotoyomai
    Solistine The Diamond Dragon Slayer

    More DLC To Come!

Awesome Bringers: Fighting Spirits UNLEASHED
Yes This is a Real Video Game Idea that i've come up with. I call it, Awesome Bringers: Fighting Spirits UNLEASHED! And it's still incomplete, It needs more costumes and Tag Team Combos as well as Triple Finishes. But I'll work those out another day.

All Characters to their Respective Owners
" There's no time to waste on anyone else! If your a gunslinger it's either you or them. Take no prisoners, and kill whoever gets in your way, other wise you don't have the right to hold a deadly weapon in your hands. That's what It means to be a true assassin."

- Gungas Telling Bumbla of his beliefs about carrying a gun

Gungas Margum is a former member of the now disbanded Gunslinger Guild as well as the Darknuckle guild, and is a current undercover member of the Awesome Bringer Guild. He is also the leader & powerhouse of Team Gunslinger.


Gungas Primatel Margum

Physical Characteristics

Race: Hedgehog/Sniper/Mage
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'0
Weight: 184 lbs(369 kg)
Birthday: March 30(20XX)
Hair Color: Brownish-red
Fur Color:  Red Orange
Eye Color: Yellow
Blood Type: A

Professional Status

Affiliation: Awesome Bringer Guild
Previous Affiliation: Gunslinger Guild, Darknuckle Guild
Guild Mark Location: Right Shoulder
Occupation: Adventurer, Gunslinger, Assassin, Bounty Hunter
Base Of Operations: Awesome Bringer Gunslinger Wing
Previous Base Of Operations: Gunlslinger guild base

Personal Status

Status: Active
Relatives: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Likes: Guns, Explosives, Magic
Dislikes: Weakness, When people get in his way, Missing a target, Peppermint, Bumbla
Alignment: Good
Morals: Loyal, Deadly, Merciless, Conceited
Threat Level: Extremely High
Element(S): Adamantium, Magic
IQ: 197
Theme Song: Nikopol (From Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann)
Speed: 7
Strength: 10
Defense: 10
Skill Projection: 7
Evasiveness: 8
Overall Battle Skill: 9

Powers And Abilities

Physical Abilities: Master Hand-to-hand combatant, Immense strength, Amazing Speed & Reflexes, Immense Durability, Armed Weapons Expert, Master Marksman, Master Sniper, Master of Stealth, Silent Kill

Powers: Immense Magic Power, Adamantine Magic, Red Gorilla Magic, Requip Magic: The Gunner, Gun Magic, Bullet Arts, Bullet Time


Japanese Voice Actor: Kazuki Yao
English Voice Actor: Patrick Seltz

.: Contents :.

4.Powers And Abilities
5. Relationships


Gungas has an appearance similar to that of his partner Bumbla, before he wore a long red trench coat with 9 black belts and gold buttons with a large collar. As well as ripples at the bottom, and platinum Belt buckles. He is now wearing a long, black trench coat with 13 red belts, several of them on each part of his body, and has large black boots and wears a black vest shirt on the inside. On his shoulder are platinum shoulder guards that wrap along his shoulders, they protect his joints, as he also has platinum guards on his knees, and elbows, and platinum, unbreakable gauntlets on his wrists. He also has a Southern Black parka hat similar to the one Bumbla has, except the band that wraps around it is silver in color and is made out of metal.

Gungas is quite tall and burly, having an extremely athletic body, large muscles, and long limbs. His fur is a Dark Red-orange, while his hair is brownish-red. His eyes are colored yellow and he has sharp fangs. He is a hedgehog who has a peach colored muzzle but is also a sniper, with a long brownish-red tail that curves in a zig-zag.


Gungas is  a merciless Assassin who takes no prisoners and leaves no one un-capped. He firmly believs, that if you get in his way, or try to impede his efforts, You MUST be shot. That being said, he is a very deadly assassin. He is a master of stealth, and is skilled in various assassination techniques. He taught Bumbla everything she knows about guns. He is one of the Awesome Bringer guild's most lethal members, able to make assassination look like it's nothing. He's shot and killed many different people and has been able to shoot even the most impossible of opponents with his great precision and marksmanship. He has hardly ever missed a shot. That being said, he also thinks very highly of himself. He puts himself high above everyone else, even his own teammates to a degree, and considers himself no less than the awesome bringer guild's deadliest member. But Gungas to an extent does have some good qualities to him, he was once offered a chance to rejoin Darknuckle in the Recluse arc, But he declined by Shooting his former partner and friend, Salkine, in the face. He is extremely loyal to the guild and does show gratitude often for giving him a chance and a new place in the world. Gungas Is now a bounty hunter. Searching for assassination jobs with his team in order to make a living.


Gungas's history starts in the Darknuckle Guild. He was introduced as the gun-totting member of the Darknuckle Guild, along side Dark Travis, Diana & Doyuka. In the midst of a giant war between the awesome bringers and Darknuckle as well as the Wolfkillian invasion, Gungas went head to head with Peppermint and lost. Afterwards, the Darknuckle guild was disbanded and Gungas roamed around the globe, looking for different opportunities to put his skills to work. Eventually he stumbled upon a brand new guild led by Vicious, a gunslinger who taught him all about "Bullet Arts". And at that moment, Gungas joined the gunslinger guild and trained himself to become a master assassin. He trained with not just his magic pistols with thunder piercing bullets. But also he trained in a new fighting style and got intensely stronger. Ever since then he's traversed the entire Wolfian world, looking for bounties to claim. Eventually he found Bumbla & a wandering Raven. Who also joined him in the gunslinger guild.

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Gungas is an amazing hand-to-hand combatant. He can keep up and even trump the likes Of Peppermint, as evidence on the Airship Victoria. And has even been able to challenge Dark Travis, as well as Several other powerful opponents, such as Oshoku's Warlords, Yami Okami's Dark spawns, Devlyn's clones, and various others. His regular combat style is free-handed, but often when the going gets tough, he will mix in bullet combat for an added lethal edge.

Immense Strength: Gungas has trained relentlessly in order to achieve physical strength beyond that of a normal mobian. He can bench-press up too 1,100 lbs, leg press 3,500, and is seen lifting a 200 pound barbell with one hand. Also his strength is enough to overpower peppermint, especially when he uses his red gorilla magic, on 2 separate occasions.

Amazing Speed & Reflexes: Due to his intense training with Vicious, Gungas's reflexes have become part of his instinct. He's grown to be extremely fast, so fast that he can dodge bullets effortlessly. He has also been seen dodging anti-aircraft missles on the airship Victoria during his fight with peppermint & The other Awesome Bringers, which are like Anti-tank rifle bullets for people. His speed is also great, as he has been seen to even keep up with the likes of Doyuka, the Darknuckle Ninja noteworthy for his speed.

Immense Durability: Gungas's durability is off the charts. Most likely due to his Adamantine magic. His adamantine magic makes him nearly invincible. The only person, or people rather, who have broken through it are Peppermint & Bumbla with their combined move, "Crimson Chaos Mini-Gun". Other than them, Gungas's powerful Adamantine magic has defended him against Assaults from Zorkon, Yami Okami & Dark Travis. And he effortlessly survived Chase's Lightning Generation move.

Armed Weapons Expert: Gungas is an expert with Armed weapons. He can use guns of all types, from shotguns, to pistols, to machine guns, to sniper rifles. He is also skilled with explosives as well, such as RPG Missile launchers, Cannons, Grenades, C4s, Flashbang grenades, and many others.

Master Marksman: Gungas is an exceptional marksman. He has almost never missed one single shot. He has even been able to graze peppermint in the shoulder while she used Chaos control, has been able to catch the likes of chase young off-guard with one shot. And has landed headshots on several of Devlyn's clones from a very far away distance.

Master Sniper: Gungas has proven himself an excellent sniper. As his favorite weapons to use are sniper rifles. He's able to effortlessly snipe several of Devlyn's clones from upfront, or from far away. He's also managed to graze Peppermint in the shoulder in the sky from a far away distance, leaving her slightly injured.

Master Of Stealth: Gungas prefers to kill opponents upfront. But he is also a master of stealth. He has been seen on numerous occasions and missions with both the Awesome Bringer guild, and the Gunslinger Guild to be able to kill people silently.

Silent Kill: Gungas is a master of the gunslinger technique known as "The Silent Kill". It involves creeping up to your opponent and silently killing them without making a sound. Not even hearing the gun blast in the process. For this Technique, Gungas uses a glock pistol and silently creeps up to his opponent and blows their brains out. He first used this technique to mercilessly kill a wolfian guard.

Immense Magic Power: Gungas is also a mage with incredible magic power. His magic aura is red-orange in color and is insanely strong. His magic power allows him access to 4 types of magic.

Adamantine Magic: Gungas's first type of magic is his Adamantine Magic. This magic allows him to coat himself, his bones, fur & skin, and anything else in impregnable Adamantium. He can also utilize several magic spells with the power of his adamantine magic.\

Adamant Barrage: Gungas extends his hands and releases a giant stream of adamantine crystal-shaped needles.

Adamant Spikes: Gungas summons a magic circle on the ground and causes large adamantine spikes to rise from the ground.

Red Gorrilla Magic: Gungas's Second type of magic is his special Red Gorrilla Magic. Allowing him to turn into a large red ape with insane amounts of physical strength. But sadly the extent of it's power has yet to be seen as this form was defeated by the likes of Peppermint.

Requip: The Gunner: One of Gungas's strongest magics is "The Gunner" Allowing him to requip and uses many different type of guns. He says on record that he knows "Over 200" Requips. But only 10 of them have been on display.

Emerald Crystal Shotgun: The Emerald Crystal shotgun is a green & Gold covered shotgun that fires spread crystals of various size that are emerald green in color. They also explode with magic that is harmful to anyone else except Gungas upon impact. Sort of like a grenade launcher except in Shotgun form.

Firestorm Uzi Rapid Fire: This is Gungas's most destructive requip weapon. It fires small fireballs that explode upon impact with over 100 shots per minute. This gun comes in a dual pair of fiery uzis that are a flaming orange & red in color and have flame decals on them.

ShellShock Carbine Rifle: This Rifle is a combat rifle with a futuristic/electric metal design. It has large gauges which measure the level of power if can output in the form of megawatts. The more megawatts it has, the more powerful the weapon is. It fires large thunderbolt bullet shells from a cannon inside the barrel. This weapon Is strong enough to pierce through metal, hence it's name "Shellshock".

Spiral Screw Nail Gun: It looks like a normal Nail gun, but these nails are charged with magic energy. Thusly allowing them to travel at a lightspeed rate with a spiral twist to them. If Gungas holds down the trigger, he will charge up the shot and release a giant torrent of magic energy along with the nail, this shot is powerful enough to kill anyone in one shot.

Giant Boom Boom Gun: This is the largest gun in Gungas's arsenal. It is a HUGE cannon with a large barrel spout that sends out rolling bombs of great size, if these bombs explode, they could wipe out an entire country.

Laser Arm Cannon: Exactly what it says it is, except it fires magic energy instead of laser energy in the form of orbs, or lasers. Gungas can also charge the gun for added accuracy and power.

Robo-Mosquito Bug Launcher: This is a large-pistol with a strange design. It has large blank, circular red eyes, a large bee-like tail & Stinger, and a boomstick snout that launches a robotic Mosquito bug that can hone-in on opponents and bite them. The bug moves at light speeds and is very hard to keep up with. It also injects opponents with a magic poison that slowly takes away their powers with added effects of blurriness, sluggishness, and inhibited senses.

Mega Matter Arm Cannon: This is one of Gungas's most powerful weapons. Gungas summons a giant black & white arm cannon to his right arm. It has a Gundam like appearance and can fire giant blackish-purple blasts of anti-matter. Which can cause things to disintegrate.

AB Mega Chaotic Rifle: This is Gungas's strongest weapon. Gungas made this weapon when fighting against Devlyn's clones. It fires gigantic rounds of exploding chaos energy. It is a golden rifle with a long spout. It also sports the Awesome Bringer Guild mark on both sides of the rifle.

Atlantian Semi Twister: A water gun that Gungas uses in many ways. He can spray people with in a hose like fashion. Or he can fire concentrated watter bullets that can head in an paralyze foes. And they are also fired at such a fast rate that they pierce through nearly anything. He can also fire giant beams of water.

Gun Magic: Gungas's final magic is gun magic. Which allows him to summons multiple types of guns out of thin air. He can also summon multiple guns at once. His gun summonings can range from 5 to 200 at once, if he summons more than 200 however, it can take up a large chunk of his magic power.

Bullet Arts: Gungas is a master of the Bullet arts. He can incorporate guns into his fighting styles for a mix of deadly bullet combat as well as melee combat in order to catch opponents off-guard. He has a medley of techniques at his disposal for bullet combat.

Bullet Arts: Cobra Strike: The Cobra Strike is a swift shot in the arm. Then Gungas grazes the shot arm by piercing it with his adamantine finger. This specific technique Is extremely painful.

Bullet Arts: Twister: Gungas rebounds off of his opponent and then spins into them. Firing both guns at the same time and sending his opponent crashing back down to the ground. Bumbla is also able to make us of this move with her own variant.

Bullet Arts: Mirrors: Another move that Bumbla & Raven can also use. Gungas fires multiple bullets in the air with his quick draw and fires a single bullet that reflects off of all of them at lightspeed, spreading the bullets everywhere while they all reflect off of each other until they hit a desired target. This technique can be usefull for taking out multiple enemies at once.

Bullet Arts: Sonic Draw: A simple quick draw at lightspeed. Gungas's quick draw is so incredibly fast that Chase Young, another individual noteworthy for his amazing speed, didn't even see him draw the gun, let alone shoot it.

Bullet Arts: Tiger Roar: This technique can only be performed with two shotguns and a rocket launcher and follows a three step process. The first step involves Gungas sending his opponent flying into the air with a kick from his adamantine leg, then he draws 2 small shotguns and fires them on his opponent, greatly damaging them, and then for the last step he simply sends his opponent flying back into the ground with a rocket. Causing an explosion that makes the sound of a roaring tiger.

Bullet Arts: Bullhorn Smash: This powerful technique is somewhat silly. But Powerful nonetheless. Gungas makes use of his head and brings two pistols up to it like horns, then his head turns into Adamantium and he headbutts right into his opponents midsection, pulling both trigger and shooting them at point blank range.

Bullet Arts: Hail Storm: This is Gungas's most powerful bullet arts Technique. He suspends himself from the sky and unleashes a medley of bullets from a giant mini-gun on his opponent. As a result the blasts keep him suspended in the air and lay waste to his opponent. This technique was strong enough to defeat Chase Young.

Bullet Time: Gungas can use Bullet time, which allows him to slow down time while firing on his weapons.


Vicious: Vicious is Gungas's mentor as well as former master. The two share a student-teacher relationship while at the same time a Boss-Lackey relationship. Vicious taught him everything he knew and Gungas greatly respected his master, who taught him that in order to be an assassin. You must show no mercy.

Bumbla The Bumblebat: Bumbla & Gungas are guildmates & Teammates. Just like with Bumbla, Gungas doesn't exactly like bumbla as much. Though the two are friends, they often argue about their perceptions of death and who should die. Gugnas strongly believes that if you get in his way, you should die. Bumbla doesn't believe in killing the innocent. So the two of them often butt heads. But Gungas has been shown to be physically attracted to Bumbla, and the two have had casual sex for a long while as "friends with benefits". But have never actually established a romantic relationship. Gungas has also coined the nickname "Sting" for Bumbla.

Raven The Sniper Fox: Raven is gungas's loyal right hand man. Raven recognizes Gungas as the superior gunner and He respects him for it. Raven will often carry out any task that Gungas asks of him, regardless of how brutal, excrutiating, or demeaning it is. Gungas sees Raven as his most loyal companion and the two are on good tersm with each other. They also work well in a pair as well as a team.

Peppermint The Crimson Hedgewolf: Gungas hates Peppermint, and Peppermint hates Gungas. Gungas hates peppermint for A. Beating him to a pulp on several occasions, and B. For causing Bumbla to give up her pride as an assassin. Peppermint has equal hatred for Gungas for shamelessly abusing her best friend. But she tries to tolerate him on several occasions, and doesn't really seem to generally hate him. She has also forgiven Gungas for his transgressions against Bumbla.

Dark Travis: Dark Travis is Gungas's former master when he was involved with the Darknuckle guild. Gungas was Dark Travis's right hand man. But a proper relationship has never been established.

Diana: Gungas has stated on multiple occasions that he wanted to have Diana as a sex partner, but has yet to live that dream. Otherwise the two were once guildmates at a point. But a proper relationship has never been established.
Gungas's Full Bio
This is the Full Bio for Gungas Margum. The Leader of the gunslinger trio.

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I Hate School by Davidgtza2SSBB Stamp by JazzaXSoul Eater - Stamp by KizushikRobot chicken fan by Yuki-OyuFullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Colonel-ChickenThe Simpsons by Cavinfamily guy stamp by GoPurifyYourselfPokemon stamp by maxari4Ice King Banana Phone Stamp by amaiawawait patrick by Fyi-Sus:thumb52668417:Bleach Character Love -EDIT- by Snowstar346I like trains. by bigfunkychiken:thumb274106575:STAMP: Loop of Trolls by Ellamenopea:thumb161133392:Bleach Stamp -Espada OP- by ice-fireFan stamp bleach by HavickTheLionDon't Be Silly-Bleach by EnergyDrinkFreakBleach Girls Stamp by QueenFlamewingYOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by GeminiGirl83MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiStop Assuming. by BlizzardwindTrinity The Zombie Pony Stamp by Superstar4071I Love My Girlfriend Stamp by Timesplitter92Food Stamps by super-bakaGURLZ R STRONGAR by Its-An-Inferno:thumb215034883:Girlfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeskaMario and Luigi: Super Dance by Mr-StampFUCK Super Mario Bros Levels by MarioshiiSTAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepjeSkrillez Stamp by DaRk-StampsDancin' Mau5 by TheBerserkerGJmau5trap heroes Stamp by BlueDragonHansDaft Punk stamp by DaRk-StampsDaft Punk Stamp by Koolaid-GirlDaft Punk Stamp by ice-fireDaft Punk Stamp 4 by JetProwerTheFox:thumb49911438:Stamp: Proud to be Awesome by ScotstonNO WORMS ON THE BED :stamp: by weavilebaby1220Adventure Time Stamp by Murder--MachineSonic approved Stamp by ghostanjoI support old Sonic by chili19InuYasha SIT Stamp by Megophone:thumb263814480:Yuri Support Stamp 2 by Zaclonius:thumb216766908:Stamps: Stocking by Shendijiro:thumb268894831:Panty And Stocking Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoWWE Fan stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsAre you ready? by slippedawayxxGir Stamp by PixieworldShadow Stamp by RecklessKaiserArby 'n' the Chief Stretched by BeautifulButchI Love My Girlfriend Stamp by RecklessKaiserProudly In Love Stamp by Zero-Naraku.:Make Love Stamp:. by BusoniMy Best Friend Stamp by RecklessKaiserFlashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHANKeroro Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelGiroro Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelDororo Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelKururu Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelTamama Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelI Support Mois Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGalNatsumi Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelSgt. Frog Stamp by DemoniumAngelAki Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelStamp: Sgt. Frog - Marching by YukiMizuno:thumb112921188::thumb67564933:Chun-Li Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi:thumb145090771:Marvel vs. Capcom Fan Stamp by soryukeyWuld any1 liek sum poundcake? by soryukeyFluttality by GeminiGirl83Freeze In Hell by snow-valkyrieMK Fatality Stamp by UmbrascitorFlying Kick Stamp by TheUncle2kCall of Duty: Black Ops by ZangRapMorrigan Stamp by ItzagualDA Stamp - Zero by virago-rsMega Man Support :PLEASE READ: by TerraTerraCottaSplashwoman Stamp by TicktankMega Man X stamp by dragontamer272:thumb201461451:Deadpool stamp by ShadowKusatsu

☞ Spell out your name...☜
A : Easy to fall in love with.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : One in a million.
E : Great in bed.
F : You love to drink.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You are Quirky.
I : You are popular with all types of people.
J : People Adore you.
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : Unbelievably great in bed.
M : You like to drink.
N : Best kisser ever.
O : Crazy.
P : Great in bed.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R: F*ckng crazy.
S : You are dead sexy.
T : You are very loyal to the ones you love.
U : You really like to chill.
V : You are not judgemental.
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You never let people tell you what to do.
Y : Best boy/girl friend any one can ask for.
Z : Always ready

Fan Character:
J : People Adore you.
E : Great in bed.
F : You love to drink.
F : You love to drink.

Real Life:
K : You're wild and crazy.
E : Great in bed.
V : You are not judgemental.
I : You are popular with all types of people.
N : Best kisser ever.

Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

Current Residence: Darby,PA
Favourite genre of music: Punk Rock
Favourite style of art: Drawing
MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: Jake (Adventure Time)
Personal Quote: I came to kick ass and drink Tea!


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