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Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures Ep.3

Last time on Okami Adventures-

*Record Scratches*

Peppermint: HI!

Wh-what?! Peppermint. I'm trying to do the narration. You cant pull a pinkie pie out of your hat and just steal my recap! This isn't that kind of Fanfiction!

Peppermint: Ok, 1, I don't have a hat. 2, the writer of the fanfiction decided that would be boring!


Peppermint: Well.....not you exactly. More like recapping it the same way each time. So, after playing an endless 7 hour marathon of Sonic Adventure 2 battle, He decided that one of the characters in the story should do the recap! Sound good?

*sigh*...alright long as I still get to do the narration.

Peppermint: Sweet! Ok....*clears throat*

(Opening Music: Story Select - SA2)

Peppermint: LAST TIME! On Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures! Me and the other awesome bringers were opening a can of whoop-ass on those horrible demon skull jerks! And it looked like we were set to take the win against them! But then -le gasp- SURPRISE! Asura came in and turned the tide! Looks like he might change the outcome of this entire battle! I'm a bit scared! It's bad enough that I have to fight so hard, but asura's REALLY hard to beat. Oh well....Guess i'll just have to fight even harder! It's my time to shine in this episode! So get ready to see my true skills on display! OH WAIT! what about JanJekeru?! -gasp- What if he transforms into...-gulp- that form! What's Jeff & Tj gonna do about that?!...Hehe. Well I guess you readers out there will have to find out! Don't underestimate The Awesome Bringer guild's best team! Today's the epic conclusion of the guild showdown between greats! Let's show 'em just how strong we've REALLY gotten! Today on the next episode of Okami Adventures! Oh BTW this might be a long one.

....That was surprisingly well done.

Peppermint: Thanks! I should do this more often.


(Music ends)

Ep.3: Bond between two brothers! Jeff & Tj are the strongest Tag Team!

[Music: Creeping Shadows - Bleach Ost]

Anyways....*clears throat* Continuing where we left off. Asura bursted into the castle room, drastically changing the tide of the entire battle. It was not an 8 on 7 fight. And Asura made it all the more difficult. For you see....Asura was no easy opponent. He was a master of the dark martial art known as the Satsui No art that utilized a powerful & fatal technique known as the Raging Demon. If it hits you....YOU DIE. And as Asura stood there with his dark, semi-demonic aura radiating, a chill of suspense filled the air as the awesome bringers stared down the hedgehog they were about to face.

JanJekeru:-gets up- Heheheheh. Asura, you could've come at an earlier time, but I thank you for coming at this opportune time. Better late than never.

Asura: Yes master.....-turns around-


SH: Oh man....he's got some massive power instilled in him. I can sense it....It's like he's grown even STRONGER from the last time we saw him....

Scythe: What?! D: No way?! Last time Erza made mince-meat out of him!

Asura: That is true.....but I am a warrior who walks a path with no end....I train relentlessly. Fighting is all I know! And It is why I exist! That is why I shall Fight until my last breath! Whether I win OR LOSE!!!! -powers up and his aura turns very dark-

SH,Waker & Scythe:-cover their eyes-

Peppermint: OH boy....-looks a bit frightened-

Scott: HAHA!!! Now you punks are REALLY gonna get it!

Jeff:-goes over to Tj- Bro?! BRO! D: Oh no....

JanJekeru: Hmph?! -flash steps over to Jeff & Tj,grabs Jeff by his head- Where do you think your going?!


JanJekeru: This fight isn't over yet! Do you remember what the REAL prize is? The Wolfian emeralds! -emeralds shine- These emeralds grant it's user untold amounts of power, but strangely have no connection to the chaos force. So it's a different kind of power....A power I wish to have....But first...-bears one of his sharp nails, brings it up to Jeff's neck-


JanJekeru: I cant wait to taste your flesh......I've been waiting for this for a VERY long time......It's about time I finally got to Eat your flesh and absorb your power!!!! I'll finally have the strength of a god!!! HEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

Jeff: NOOO!!! GET OFF ME YOU CREEP!!! -charges chaos energy in his fist-

JanJekeru:-cracks his arm a bit-


JanJekeru: DONT TRY AND FIGHT!!!! It's useless....Now let us begin....-bears his fangs-

(Music Ends Abruptly)

JanJekeru:-is suddenly punched into the wall-

Jeff:-is dropped to the floor on his knees- arm.

JanJekeru:-crashes and bounces off the wall- GRRRGGGGHH?!?!?!?!? WHO THE HELL....DARES?!?!?!??!?!

[Music: Wings Of Liberty - Fairy Tail OST]

Peppermint:-fist radiates with fire- That would be me...creep. -glares at JanJekeru- Keep your dirty, bloody mitts off my master!!!!

JanJekeru:-growls angrily- YOU LITTLE WENCH!!!! GET RID OF HER!!!!

Bakorah: I've got her master. I still owe her for before! -jumps at peppermint-

Peppermint:-turns her head and looks at Bakorah,her fist charges with crimson flames- CRIMSON CHAOS....

Bakorah: ?!?!?!

Peppermint:-punches him deep in his stomach & it burns-


Peppermint: FIST!!!!!! -blasts Bakorah into a wall with burning crimson flames-

Bakorah: AAAAAAAAGGH!!!!! -crashes hard-

Scott & J.T:-Jawdrop-

Kiba & Darkz: ?!?!?!??!

Chase: Heh.

SH: DAMN!!!! -smiles confidently-

Scythe: She barbequed the shit out of him! -is very surprised- What kind of weird training did Jeff give her?!

Waker:-looks at Peppermint-

Peppermint:-radiates with a hot, flaming crimson aura-

Waker: This is completely new....She's got crimson flames circling around her.

This new aura for peppermint is her crimson flame aura. Her regular flames are mixed with her chaos energy to create this new type of destructive flame power. It's potential is unknown...but I have a feeling it will be on display here.

Peppermint:-is angry,growls,grips fist-

SH:-turns white- OH SHIT....They've made her mad....-eyes widen-

Scythe: OH MAN....-eyes widen and he turns white as well-

Kune:-gets on his knees and starts praying- OH LORD PLEASE DONT LET THIS CASTLE BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!! -whines-

Peppermint:-growls and looks at the demon skull members with angry eyes- ANYONE ELSE?....

Scott & J.T:-freeze up and scream like little girls,scott jumps into J.T's arms Scooby-doo style and they runn off-

Kiba: Brother what should we do?


(Music fades off)

Darkz:-spark in his eyes- We fight her.

Kiba: What?! She's more powerful than we thought!

Darkz: That doesn't mean we back down! Kiba! Go and Attack! As your older sibling I ORDER YOU TO DO SO!!!

Kiba:...Your not the boss of me. -grumbles-

[Music: Raging Flames- Needless Ost]

And so the fight was on again! And it looks like peppermint might take over. She's gonna have to put her new aura to work!

Kiba:-gains an orichalchos staff- Dark magic!!! -fires a dark lightning bolt at Peppermint-

Peppermint:-grunts,uses a quick chaos control to avoid,lands above Kiba- CRIMSON CHAOS.... -lifts her leg into the air-

Kiba: ?!?!?! -puts his staff in the air to block her attack-

Peppermint:-brings her leg down on his staff and it causes a minor struggle- AXE...KICK!!!! -breaks it and burns right through it-

Kiba:...My...MY STAFF!!!!! IMPOSSIBLEE!!!

Peppermint: NOW CRIMSON CHAOS....-charges both of her fists with crimson chaos energy- GATLING FIST!!!! -punches Kiba super fast with both her fists in rapid succession-

Chase:-is a little impressed-

Kiba:-is knocked into a wall,has many burns on his skin and fur-

Darkz:??!?! KIBA!!! -growls- YOU LITTLE WITCH!!!!

Peppermint:-gets back into fighting position,smirks- Hmph.

Chase:*thinks* Her power is much more formidable then I expected......

Darkz: I'll make you pay!!!! -raises his arm,an orichalchos seal appears- ORICHALCHOS MAGIC!!!! DANCING SIGOURNIA!!! -seals come out and try to grab Peppermint-

Peppermint:-is grabbed by them,struggles- LET ME GO!!!

Darkz: Not by a mile. These will officially destroy you! -the seal shocks her greatly with orichalchos magic-

Peppermint screamed out in great pain, but she beared it for just a little bit longer as she was gathering energy for one last attack....

Peppermint:-her cheeks puff up-

Darkz:?!?!?!? What's this?!?!!

Peppermint: CRIMSON....CHAOS....FLAMETHROWER!!!!!! -blasts a massive stream of crimson flames at Darkz-

Darkz: WHAT?!?!??! -uses an Orichalchos Seal to block them,they start to burnt through the seal- NO!?!? How can she be that strong?!?! HER FLAMES CANT BURN THAT BRIGHTLY!!!! -her crimson flames break through the seal- AAAAAAAAAGGHH!!!! -crashes into the wall with the rest of his brothers-

Peppermint:-lands on her feet-

(Music Ends)

Scythe: WHOA.....-is very surprised, and a little scared-

SH: Remind me to NEVER piss off our candy girl...EVER.

Waker: Word.

Peppermint:-looks to her left-

Asura: AKUSENPURYU!!!! -spear kicks Peppermint with dark energy covering his leg-

Peppermint:-clashes with a crimson chaos flame covered leg of her own-

[Music: Power To Strive - Bleach Ost]

Peppermint & Asura:-glare at each other and then back off a bit-

JanJekeru:-gets up from being shot into the wall- That's it ASURA!!! GET HER!!! Beat her to a bloody pulp!! AND MAKE SURE THAT HER CORPSE IS STILL THERE!!!! I WANT TO EAT HER FLESH AS WELL!!!!

Asura:-cracks knuckles- Or course master....

Peppermint: Hmph. -flips her hair back- You think i'm scared of you?! Bring it on! I'll take you down too!

(Music Fades)

Asura: You must bear the spirit of a true warrior to challenge me......-smirks-

Peppermint: ?!?!? -grunts-

Asura: Finally...A worthy opponent!!! I haven't had one in such a long time! NOW I get to test my new abilities!!!!

Peppermint:-gets into her fighting position- SO DO I!

[Music: The 13th Struggle - KH 2 OST]

Asura and Peppermint stood and stared at each other, ready to face off. Chase looked on with anticipation while the others watched with excitement. These two powerful adversaries and rendered the guild-on-guild fight null & void. Now it was a one on one duel!

Peppermint:-charges at Asura- HYYYYEEEEAAAAHH!!!!

Asura: GOUHADOKEN!!! -fires a gouhadoken at peppermint-

Peppermint:-somersault kicks Asura to avoid-

Asura: AKUSENPURYU!!!!! -back kicks Peppermint away-

Peppermint:-is kicked in her stomach but lands- CHAOS CONTROL!!! -warps-

Asura: TETSUZANKAN!!! -warps also-

Both of them collided in a furious clash, their hands locked together as both of their auras were surfacing and both of them angrily stared each other down, once the clash was over, peppermint went back on the offensive.

Peppermint: CRIMSON CHAOS KNUCKLE!!! -she fires a flaming crimson fist projectile at Asura-

Asura:-flips and avoids- GOUHADOKEN!!! -fires another gouhadoken-

Peppermint:-uses the same move and both of their attacks collide and explode in the air-

Asura: GRRGH!! -uses tetsuzankan-

(Music ends abruptly)

Peppermint: ?!?!?!?! CHAOS CONTROL!!! -warps away and avoids his next attack-

Asura:?!?!?! Where did she-

Peppermint:-is right above him,slow motion kicks in for dramatic effect-

Peppermint had used chaos control to flip above Asura! As she was airbourne, her legs were charged with crimson chaos energy, heating her leg up to very high temperatures....

[Music: Dance To The Death - KH 2 OST]

Peppermint: Now crimson chaos.......

Asura:-looks above himself- ?!?!? WHAT THE-

Peppermint: DRILL KICK!!!!!!!! -spins and drill kicks Asura down with one leg,lands on his face-


JanJekeru:?!?!? WHAT?!?!

Peppermint:-flips off of him and lands,gets back into her position- Hmph!

Peppermint smiled with a look of satisfaction after what she just did.

Asura:-gets up- Grrrgghh...That was a well-planned move.

Peppermint: Heh. -cracks her neck- Well what can I say...I can let loose when I want too. This Candy Girl isn't all just smiles and rainbows. And sweets.....GOD I love sweets.

Asura: HMPH!!!! -warps-


Asura: ZATSUMAKI ZENPUKYAKU!!!! -spin kicks peppermint into a goshoryuken,combos her in the air- NOW......DEMON ARMAGEDDON!!!! -spin kicks greatly with a powerful aura and spin kick slashes right through her-

Peppermint: AAAHHGGHHAAAH!!!


Asura:-lands- need more training....

Peppermint:-lands, but is on her knees bleeding-.....

(Music fades out)

Peppermint: I'm not done yet.....-looks up at Asura-


Peppermint:-her crimson aura surfaces at a greater level then before- CRIMSON.....CHAOS......-cocks her arms back-

Asura:?!?!?!?!? -thinks- *What the hell is she doing?!*


JanJekeru: NOOOO!!!!!!!

Peppermint: CANNON!!!!!!!! -is about to attack Asura-

JanJekeru:-stops the attack with a hellfire cero- BWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The hellfire cero traveled through the core of the entire castle! Turning the front end to smithereens. Looks like Kune will have to pay out of pocket in order to get it fixed after all...

Kune: WHY ME?!?!?!?!??! -whines-

Peppermint:-managed to avoid the special attack- Whoa.....that was close.....-looks at JanJekeru-

JanJekeru:-grins- I've had enough.......Now I shall destroy all of you..... I WILL SHOW YOU MY POWER.....AND YOU WILL ALL COWER BEFORE ME LIKE THE LITTLE WORMS THAT YOU ARE!!!!!!

[Music: Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI OST]

It looked like JanJekeru had enough of the awesome bringer's antics for one day....he began to power up immensely as he began to transform into his beastly Evolved form.....

JanJekeru: GRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!! -almost demonic power explodes within JanJekeru as he grows demon wings, his claws get even sharper, and his muscles grow to an athletic size-

Jeff: COME ON BRO WAKE UP!!!! -keeps slapping Tj's face lightly to try and wake him up-

JanJekeru:-stands radiating with demonic, evil power- THIS IS THE POWER OF A TRUE...DEMON...

Peppermint:-steps back a little- OH NO....

SH: SHIT! -glares-

Waker: Oh man NOW we're in trouble...

Scythe: This bites....I didn't think he'd use this form again.

JanJekeru:-spreads his wings and they cause a gust that blow the awesome bringers outside the castle- BEHOLD PUNY WORMS!!!!! MY EVOLVED FORM!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WITH THIS I SHALL CRUSH YOU LIKE THE TINY LITTLE INSECTS THAT YOU ALL ARE!!!!!!!

(Music fades)

All of the awesome bringers were blown backwards. And the sky had turned a bloody red, the situation continued to look grim for our heroes as JanJekeru prepared to maul them all and send them to their graves....With one thing in mind. You probably know what it is by now.

Scott: HAHAHAH!!! You show 'em master!!!


Chase:-stands with his arms folded- Hmph. *thinks* Too bad I didn't get to fight as much as I wanted too...but at least master JanJekeru will take care of things.......

[Music: A Hero's Desperation - DBZ Budokai OST]

JanJekeru started walking towards peppermint with a sinister look on his face, ready to kill her at a moment's notice. As with the rest of the awesome bringer guild...Pissing Peppermint off is one thing...But making JanJekeru BEYOND angry is another...entirely...different...story.

JanJekeru: What's wrong Awesome bringers?! Are you afraid of me?! NOW THAT I'VE ONCE AGAIN CHANGED THE TIDE OF THIS BATTLE?!!?!?!

Peppermint:-grunts- Im.....I'm not afraid of you!!!!! -powers up her aura- Bring it on FREAKSHOW!!!!

Peppermint stood bravely and got into position, ready to fight JanJekeru...knowing that she might not put up as good as a fight against him as she'd hope. Considering she was going up against a negative chaos spawn of her master....

JanJekeru: Alright then Candy bitch.....if you are so eager to throw your life away....

Jeff:-looks at Peppermint outside of the castle- ?!?!?!?!? No...PEPPERMINT!!!!

JanJekeru: Then I will be kind enough....-covers his claws with hellfire- TO OBLIGE YOU!!!!! -flash steps in front of her-


Jeff: NOOOOO!!!! -flash steps and blocks JanJekeru's next attack-

JanJekeru: W-WOLF SAGE?!??!?!

Jeff: CHAOS....-charges chaos energy into his hand- SNAP!!!!! -sparks a sudden surge of chaos energy that blows JanJekeru away-

JanJekeru:-rolls on the ground- GRRRRRGGHH!!!!! YOU ALWAYS GET IN MY WAY!!!!!

Jeff:-powers up his golden chaos aura- This fight isn't over yet......I'll teach you to mess with my guildmates you prick!!! Rule number one in the awesome bringer guild..No one...And I mean NO ONE touches my friends. Especially Our Candy Girl!!!]

A smile of admiration appeared on Peppermint's face. She smiled after seeing Jeff fight for her.

Peppermint: Jeff....Thank you. -sheds a happy tear-

Jeff: No problem....I'm just returning the favor for earlier. NOW.......Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........

The tension had mounted...lightning bolts had struck the ground from the sky and the ground shook violently! Jeff was powering up! And beginning his awesome transformation!!! This battle is about to come to a head!!!!!

Jeff: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! -powers up greatly and his aura explodes- HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! -transforms into his full wolf sage form with his hair all the way down to his back, gains both a red & blue scar on his face that covers both of his eyes completely-

Jeff stood radiating with incredible power. His power had matched that Of JanJekeru's. It was finally time for these two guild masters to duke it out properly!!! Time for a showdown!!!

JanJekeru: HMPH.....GRRRRRAAAAAAHHH!!!! -his aura also surfaces and powers up greatly- I SHALL CRUSH YOU LIKE THE TINY LITTLE INSECT THAT YOU ARE!!!! BRING IT ON WOLF SAGE!!!!!

Jeff: OH I'll bring it alright! Emerald Spirit sword..... -emerald green energy gathers in his hands and creates a silver sword with green studded emerald crystals-

[Music Changes to Challengers - DBZ Budokai Ost]

Jeff & JanJekeru:-warp into the sky-

JanJekeru: Are you sure you want to put the kingdom of wolfian in dire peril in this fight?

Jeff: The only one who's in dire peril right now is YOU!! -grips my sword with both hands and clashes blades with JanJekeru-

JanJekeru: GRAH!!! -both of them clash in the air multiple times-

Jeff: HA!!! -slashes a wave of emerald green energy at JanJekeru-

JanJekeru: CERO AMANTE!!!!! -fires a blast of blood red cero energy from his mouth at Jeff, beam bursts through the attack-

Jeff:-charges up a lot of emerald green chaos energy- CHAOS TORRENT....X2!!!!!! -fires a large green laser filled with emerald green chaos energy to combat JanJekeru's cero attack-

Both attacks clashed vigorously in the sky and created a beam struggle that resulted in a large explosion of energy! It was almost large enough to eclipse the sky!

[Music changes Radical Highway - SA2 OST]

Jeff:-covers his eyes after the exploding attack- GRGH!!!

JanJekeru:-smirks- FOUR STORM ATTACK!!!! -flash steps, claws jeff then up kicks him,them punches him in the stomach, then blasts a hellfire cero in his face to knock him back down-

Jeff:-impacts the ground leaving a small crater- GGHH...He's not playing around.....

JanJekeru:-dashes down at Jeff- YOUR MINE!!!! HHHHAAAAAAAAAA--

Jeff: CHAOS.....-charges his fist with chaos energy- FIST!!!! -uppercuts JanJekeru with gold chaos energy-

JanJekeru:-is sent flying back into the sky-

Jeff:-follows it up with an air combo,then a kick back down into the ground-

JanJekeru: GRRRRGGHH!!!! -is sent flying into the south entrance of Wolfian Square-

Jeff:-flash steps to meet him there,raises His zanpaktou Hiraishin in the air- HIRAIKOHO!!!!!! -once JanJekeru is about to hit the ground, slow motion kicks in, Jeff brings the sword down and unleashes a giant torrent of lightning that cuts up the ground-

JanJekeru:-a cloud of dust settles, he emerges unharmed by the attack- HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Is that all you possess wolf sage?!??!

Jeff:-grunts- DAMMIT! That didn't work......-grips and looks at his zanpaktou- I may have to go bankai for this......

JanJekeru:-thinks- *But not before I go HOLLOW!!!!* -puts on his demonic hollow mask- HELLFIRE...-flash steps quickly-

Jeff: ?!?!?!

JanJekeru: CLAW!!!! -slashes right through Jeff with hellfire-

Jeff: AAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!! -holds his shoulder bleeding hard- GGGGHHHHH...DAMMIT!!!!

JanJekeru:-grabs his neck with his tail- NOW YOU ARE MINE.......

UH-OH!!! It looks like Jeff's in big trouble! Let's check on the awesome bringers before we finish this fight for good! Trust me, he'll be fine.....right?

(music fades out)

Tj:-is still knocked out-......

Peppermint:-shakes Tj- OH! COME ON Tj!!! Wake up!!!! -whimpers and groans, shaking him- UGH!!! I cant get him to wake up!!!

SH: Now what do we do with "Your majesty"?! The nimrod wont even stop taking a nap!

Scythe: He's not taking a nap! He's just unconscious. Here.....let me try. -creates a large iceblock- Here peppermint. Melt this. -holds it above Tj-

Peppermint: Ummmmm....ok. -melts it using fire,it turns into a bunch of water that spills onto Tj-


SH: Told you he was taking a nap.

Scythe: Oh shut up!

Tj: What's Goin' on?

Peppermint: Your brother needs your help! He's out there fighting JanJekeru!

Tj: What?!...Bro might get massacred on his own......-gulp- But he scares me....



Meanwhile back with Jeff & JanJekeru's fight.....

[Music: Desire for All that is lost - KH 2 OST]

Jeff: OWW!!! -is bashed through a building in wolfian square,lands in Jin's shop-

Jin:-screams- WHAT IN BLAZES?!?!??!

Jeff:-leans up- Ooooohhhh.......-rubs head-

Jin:-gasp- OH WOW!!! Jeff the Wolf Sage! -gasp- It's such an honor! But...why did you crash into my shop? -sudden crash is heard- MEEP!!!

JanJekeru: That would be my doing......-walks over and grabs me by the neck with his tail again- I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!!!!! -flies into the sky with his wings-

JanJekeru flew high into the sky while holding this point jeff had such a hard injury that it seemed like victory was far away from him! This could be Jeff's actual downfall!

JanJekeru: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!! PREPARE TO DIE WOLF SAGE!!!!! I know I say that all the time....But this time I really mean it! PREPARE TO DIE WOLF SAGE!!!!!!!! MWAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! -punches Jeff in the gut HARD-

Jeff:-coughs up a great amount of blood- GWWWAAAAHHH!!!!!!

JanJekeru:-chucks Jeff back down into the ground from the sky-

Jeff:-crashes,lays there- Owww......-tries to get up- i'm not done yet....-strains and hesitates-

JanJekeru: FACE IT!!!! YOUR TIME IS OVER!!!! NOW IT'S MY TURN!!!!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!! -charges up an intense amount of negative chaos energy into a large sphere- NEGATIVE....CHAOS..........

It looks like the end for our hero!!! Does this mean that Jeff will be obliterated by JanJekeru finally?!?! HAS JANJEKERU FINALLY WON?!?!?!

(Music ends abruptly)

Tj:-appears using chaos control, one-shots JanJekeru and sends him crashing down to where Jeff is-


JanJekeru:-lands a little away from him-

Tj:-chaos controls back to where Jeff is-

[Music: Strangers Like Me - Phil Collins]

Jeff: ?!?! ...Bro! -is surprised-

Tj: Sorry I'm late bro. I was a....bit out of it. -smiles and puts his thumbs up-

Jeff:-grins- Good to see you here. Now we can take him out...AS A TEAM! -gives Tj a high 5-


(Music Ends)

JanJekeru:-growls, is even more angry then before- GRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!! YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!

[Music: Best Partner - Fairy Tail OST]

Tj: JUST TY IT!!! Let's get him bro!

Jeff: Alright! You feel like playing a game of volleyball?

Tj: SURE! I'm game!

Jeff:-flash steps-

JanJekeru:?!?!?! -is kicked into the sky- LIGHTSPEED ATTACK! GO!!!

Tj: RIGHT ON!!! -moves at lightspeed using chaos energy and kicks JanJekeru back into Jeff-

Jeff:-sends him flying through a house,he bounces off the the ground- TOO EASY!!!

Jeff & Tj:-both play volleyball with him back and fourth damaging him-

(Music ends for right now)


Scott:-shakes head- oh man....what a day it's been. -looks over- HEY! There's the emeralds again! HAHA!

Asura:-re-collects them- Let's retreat for now.

Chase: I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's retreat.

He, Asura, Scott, & J.T, who is carrying all three of the Orichalchos brothers All began their escape from the scene...

J.T: GRRRRGH!!! They're heavy! -whines- Scott: DONT COMPLAIN!!! JUST CARRY!!!

That is....until...

Peppermint:-stands in their way-

Scott & J.T:-eyes widen in fear, they pee their pants-

Peppermint: Where do you think your going?! -grins,cracks knuckles-

Scott & J.T: MOTHER......

Meanwhile back with JanJekeru, who is getting his ass handed to him by both Jeff & Tj...

[Music Starts up again]

JanJekeru: GGWWAAAHHH!! -is spiked by Jeff and then shot by Tj-

Tj:HAH!!!! Alright let's finish this bro!

Jeff: RIGHT ON! -flash steps next to Tj-

Jeff & Tj:-their auras combine in power-

Jeff & Tj's aura combined together to create a team effected aura that was a bright golden yellow. Both of them were prepare to use a very powerful team attack That could finish him off and send JanJekeru back to where he came from!

JanJekeru: WHAT?!?!??! NO!!!!

Jeff: YES! Looks like i'm not dying today! As usual!

Tj: Now why don't you eat this instead!!!

Jeff & Tj:-charge up a great amount of chaos energy in both of their hands- CHAOS TEAM TORRENT!!!!! -Jeff fires a Chaos torrent while Tj's chaos energy spirals around it-

JanJekeru:-is struck and is sent flying- GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! DAMN YOU WOLF SAGE!!!! I'LL KILL YOU SOMEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! -is sent flying high into the sky, star shines in the sky so everyone notices-

SH: Hehe. Looks like Jeff & Tj took care of that nimrod.

Asura: NO! MASTER!!

J.T: NO WAY! -is in shock- HOW?!?!?!

Peppermint: Simple. They're the strongest team in our guild! -smirks- NOW GIVE US THOSE EMERALDS!!!

Scott & J.T: AAAHHAHAHAHAAHH!!! -scream, drop the emeralds & run off-

Asura: GRRRGH! COWARDS! GET BACK HERE! -chases after them-

Chase:-grumbles- You haven't seen the last of us...awesome bringers! -leaves the premises with the rest of his guild-

(Music Ends)

-Sonic's level completion theme plays-

Tj:-whistles- That was TIGHT!!! -fist pounds Jeff-

Jeff: AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!! -fist pounds back-

Rank: A

Looks like Jeff & Tj's teamwork finally turned things around! And so ends another fight between the never-ending battles of Demon Skull & The Awesome Bringers. BUT! What adventures truly lay on the horizon for our heroes? The adventure continues next time of Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures!....BTW That ranking system will become a major recurring theme for extremely important fights in this series...Just a heads up.

Next Episode: The secret of the Wolfian Emeralds! Black & White, Light & Darkness!
Awesome Bringers Okami Adventures Ep.3
The 3rd episode is finally here! Sorry it took so long guys. I had a hard time writing this due to Christmas break. Y'know...spending time with the fam & all. Well Here it is! And I hope you guys have some popcorn ready cause It's a long one! I promise the next one wont be as long. Also I promise it'll come out tomorrow! Since I missed last Friday and the Friday before that. I owe you guys two episodes.

Peppermint: OOH! And also The Awesome Bringers Christmas Special is coming soon! :) I CANT WAIT FOR IT!!!

Yeah...That's not gonna have too much fighting in it though. :P

Peppermint: That's the best part! X3

Well guys I hope you Enjoy this next episode! The next episode comes out tomorrow!

Synopsis: Asura drastically turns up the tension has he arrives on the scene of the Demon Skull Vs Awesome Bringer Battle. But before he can do any damage, JanJekeru pisses Peppermint off by threatening to Take jeff's life by surprise. Peppermint makes quick work of The Orichalchos brothers and then does battle with Asura, but before Peppermint can defeat him, JanJekeru Once again turns the tables by Transforming into his Evolved form. Jeff then steps in to defend his guild, but is overpowered by JanJekeru. Scythe then wakes up Tj & he decides to get involved by helping out his bro using their teamwork. While the rest of the guild recovers the wolfian emeralds, Jeff & Tj manage to defeat JanJekeru using their special Chaos Team Torrent, sending Demon Skull into a retreat.
Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures Ep.2

(Opening Music: Live & Learn – Crush 40)

Last time on Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures! King Tj has just returned to his kingdom of wolfian to watch over it’s main source of power, the wolfian emeralds. But as he returned, so did a dark guild named Demon Skull, one of the strongest guilds in the land! One half of the guild overtook the castle by force whil the other tried to sneak in and steal the emeralds, overall they caused mass panic and the wolfian armies, led by General Kara, were defeated by the almighty hedgehog user of the satsui no hado, Asura! While Asura got rid of the Wolfian armies, other Demon Skull members made it inside and took the emeralds themselves, when it seemed like king Tj was down, the emeralds were about to be stolen, and Demon Skull would win the day, In comes the Awesome Bringer guild! The strongest, bravest, and most powerful guild on the planet, now it is time for an epic face-off between two rival guilds for the wolfian emeralds! Will The Awesome Bringer guild prevail? Or will Demon Skull make losers out of them once again? Find out in today’s episode of Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures!

Ep.2: Guild Showdown Between Greats! Demon Skull Vs Awesome Bringers!

[Music: Heavy Violence – Naruto Ost]

The stage was set, it was a lucky 7 on 7 battle! Jeff stood glaring at JanJekeru ready to fight with all of his determination. Janjekeru grinned, eager to tear the young wolf sage apart.

JanJekeru: What’s wrong wolf sage? Afraid I will beat you into oblivion like I did back in Fiore at the Grand Magi Games?!

Jeff: Funny how you keep mentioning that…you act as if it’s a huge victory you have over us. That would be a huge victory…If we hadn’t have kicked your asses afterwards!

JanJekeru:-growls angrily- You LITTLE!!!!!

J.T: You better take that back Fleabag! Before we lay-eth the smack down on ya! –glares-

SH: We a’int takin’ no requests from some nimrod who uses wrestling lines!

Scythe: Yeah! So why don’t you make us?!

Chase:-sigh-….Shall we dispose of them master?

JanJekeru: Yes…..Demon Skull! ATTAAAACK!!!!

[Music: Battle! Theme- Mirai Nikki OST]

The heat was on and the awesome bringers jumped straight into battle!

Kune: THAT’S NOT A GOOD THING! Now im going to have to pay triple in order to get this damn castle fixed!

Scythe, Waker & Shadowhachi faced off with the brothers while Drakeazoid fought on equal footing with Scott, Tj of course faced off with his mortal enemy J.T, Peppermint trades blows with Chase, and to top it all off, JanJekeru & Jeff engage in an all-out battle!

Scythe:-draws his zanpaktou and clashes with Bakorah- You got nothing! Not on my zanpaktou!

Bakorah: I beg to differ fox. –blasts him back with a swarm of Darkness-

Scythe:-flips backwards to avoid- Now Freeze….Touketsu! –his sword transforms into it’s shikai form, a giant ice scythe- NOW FUBUKI!!! –fires a large snowstorm at Bakorah-

Bakorah: AGGGH!!! What in orichalchos name is this?!

Scythe: Heh, Not fond of the “Cold Shoulder” are ya? –smirks-

That was a lame pun.

Scythe: HEY SHUT UP!

Waker:-engages Kiba in combat with a few swift kicks-

Kiba:-uses his orichalchos staff to flip him on his side-

Waker:-lands on his back- OOF!

Kiba: Hmph. You awesome bringers will NEVER match up to the power of the 3 brothers! –raises his staff into the air and brings it down on Waker-

Waker:-blocks using his arrowhead sword- Beg your pardon? –spiral kicks Kiba-

Kiba:-slides back,grimaces- GRRGgh….

Waker:-puts his sword on his shoulder- I think we already have dude. Don’t underestimate us. –dashes at him and clashes with Kiba before he even has time to react-

Kiba:*How is he so fast?!*

SH:HYEAH!!! –blasts shadow spikes at Darkz-

Darkz:-evades each one- You seem to forget I’m the one who took down your master you mutt! –clashes with SH using his orichalchos blade-

SH: Yeah! But you also seem to forget that I whooped your ass before! And trapped you in a kido nimrod! –engages him in boost combat, punches him back-

Darkz:-blocks- That was in the past. I can easily make up for it by mauling you right here right now! –Bashes SH on the head-

SH:-head is ducked down-…..-smiles- That all you got nimrod?
Darkz: What?! *It must be that spiked bandana on his head!....or something.*

SH:-head butts Darkz- GOTCHA!

Darkz: AGH! –holds his face-

Kiba & Bakorah:-are knocked against Darkz side by side-

Waker & Scythe:-land right next to SH- Don’t underestimate the power of the awesome bringers!

SH: Lest you WANT an ass-kicking coming your way! –grins-

Darkz: Brothers! Let us show them what happens when you test orichalchos magic….

Kiba & Bakorah:-grin,all of them grab hands and radiate with a powerful dark magic-
Waker: Oh man, what are they doin’ now?

SH: Whatever it is! Get ready for it! Because here they come!
The 3 brothers radiated with a special dark magic known as Orichalchos magic. It’s dark powers grant it’s users untold amounts of power, power that they are now going to use to fight the awesome bringers on an even playing field.

(Music Ends)

[Music: Tai Ma Gekisen – Fairy Tail OST]

Meanwhile, The rest of the awesome bringers were fighting just as hard, and were engaged in equally intense battles!

Tj:-is fighting with J.T viciously- You shouldn’t have come back J.T!

J.T: Why?! Are ya scared of me loser?! –laughs,kicks Tj down into the ground- POISON TIP! –green poison covers his feet and he falcon dives into Tj-

Tj:-manages to flip back and avoid-

Kune: That’s going to ruin the carpet! –groans-

Tj:-breathes heavily-

J.T: Well Well Well loser…someone’s gotten a bit better since the last time I made you cry and beg for mercy!

Tj: I’ll show you who’s crying and begging for mercy YOU JERK!!! CHAOS SPEAR!!! –fires several chaos spears at J.T-

J.T:-runs and avoids them all, thunderbolt strikes in front of him- HEY! Watch it Scott! Ya’ dumbass!

Scott: Hey it’s not my fault! I got a transforming cyborg on my ass!

Drakeazoid:-slashes his samurai flare swords at Scott-

Scott:-backflips and avoids-

Drakeazoid:-runs at scott- Engaging combat adapter. –ports out of his back begin to steam- Testing for weakness…..-scans Scott while fighting him-

Scott:-avoid his attacks- Your wasting your time bolt brain! That mask of yours is a
little too tight on your HEAD! –smacks him in the face with lightning- LIGHTNING GOD HAND!!!

Drakeazoid:-is smashed into the wall-

Tj: !!!! Drake!

J.T:-punches Tj back into his throne-

Tj:-crashes into his throne, throne begins to fall on Kune-

Kune: NONONONONOOOO!!! –throne lands on his back and crushes him- OWWWWWW….

Tj: Whoops….sorry Kune.

Kune: I hate this job…..

Scott:-lands next to J.T,fist bumps him- Hah. Good one!

J.T: Well he IS my punching bag. –grins with Scott-

Tj: I AM NOT A DAMN PUNCHING BAG!!!! RAAAAAGGH!!!! –powers up and sends his throne flying into the ceiling with Kune-

Kune: AAAAAGGGHH!!! –splats into the ceiling- Why me?......

Tj was utterly furious at this point, J.T’s words have finally gotten to him….

J.T: AWWWWW did I make baby Tj angwy? –baby talks to Tj-

Tj was steaming mad, so in order to beat both J.T & Scott at the same time, he did the one thing he was told not to do. Take off his rings!

Tj:-clips his bracelets and rings come off-

J.T:-frowns- Uh-oh…… (Music Ends)

[Shishi No Hoshi Rei – Fairy Tail OST]

Tj: Now you’ve done it….I’m gonna beat you like a drum!!! RRRRAAGH!!! –powers up massively-

Tj’s power was shown in full force as his yellow chaos aura radiated brightly in front of his two enemies. His adversaries were in shock at how much control he had over his chaos energy.

Scott: I thought you said he was a pushover!

J.T: He is!...or was. –gulps-

Tj:-cracks his knuckles- (Music Ends)

[Music: Shippu Jinrai – Fairy Tail OST]

Meanwhile, Peppermint was embroiled in a battle of her own with her powerful opponent, Chase Young. And throughout the whole battle, the two seemed evenly matched.

Peppermint:-is locked in boost mode combat with chase-

Chase: Your moves have gotten better the last time I saw you. –Punches the ground in front of peppermint-

Peppermint:-dodges by moving back and then flip kicking Chase- Chaos….-lands, cocks her hands back, blasts her palms into Chase’s mid-section- SHOTGUN!!!! –blasts Chase back with a powerful force of chaos energy, goes back to her fighting stance- My master has trained me VERY well. I’m much stronger than before!

Chase:-gets up from the rubble in the walls, growls lowly- Not bad….

Peppermint: That weak little damsel in distress you knew back then is Gone! Now I’m ready to take on anyone that hurts my friends! SO BRING IT!

Chase: Very well…. –charges up one of his signature moves-

Peppermint:-charges up pink Chaos energy in her palms- Chaos…..

Chase: Lightning…..

Kune: -wide eyed- OH LORD HELP ME…..

Peppermint/Chase: TORRENT!!!!/ GENERATION!!!! –both launch their respective attacks at the same time causing a beam struggle followed by an explosion inside the castle- (Music Ends)

Meanwhile, Kara was engaged in a vicious duel with Asura in an attempt to avenge her men.
She is fighting bravely, but slowly is losing the battle.

Kara:-is knocked backwards by Asura,flips and lands,notices the explosion in the castle- !!! –looks back for a second-

Asura:-jumps into the air and dives down on Kara-

Kara:-looks back and backflips to avoid Asura’s attack-

Asura:-punches the ground and causes a dark crack in it- I suggest you pay attention…I am your opponent! Therefore I am the only one you must fight!

Kara:-wipes her lip-…Tsh.

[Music: Akuma’s Theme – Super Street Fighter 4 OST]

Kara: For a hedgehog you sure do talk a lot about fighting…

Asura: Fighting is my way of life. An unskilled fighter like you wouldn’t understand!

Kara: I’ll show you unskilled!!! CHAOS FIREBALL!!! –fires a ball of chaos energy at Asura-

Asura: GOUHADOKEN!!!! –fires a dark purple fire ball to counter her attack, both attacks explode in the air-

Kara:-runs at Asura and spear kicks him,glares and grimaces at the same time-

Asura: -blocks using his arm- Your passion for these men…..I see it in your eyes…

Kara: !?!?

Asura: It is just like my passion for fighting! But it is WEAK!!!! GOSHORYUKEN!!!! –uppercuts Kara-

Kara: GAH!!! –lands on her feet-

Asura: Hmmm…no matter how many times I knock you down you always land swiftly on your feet….

Kara: Heh. Now who’s unskilled? –grins- CHAOS CONTROL!!!! –warps-

Asura: TETSUZANKAN!!!! –warps as well-

[Music Changes To Heat Of The Battle – Bleach OST]

Asura & Kara:-collide in the air with kicks and trade blows,go back and fourth colliding with each other in the sky and then land back on the ground-
Kara:-runs at Asura- YOU’LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THEM!!!

Asura:-gets into position- Kongo……KOKURETSU ZAN!!!! –charges dark energy into his fist and pounds the ground, ground splits in half and sends out waves of dark energy that blow Kara away-

Kara: WHAT?!?! AAAAGGH!!! –is impacted by the energy from Asura’s attack-

(Music Ends)

Kara:-tries to get up- Ugh…..this isn’t over…I wont be defeated… honor is on the line….

Asura:-walks over to her, his eyes glow red and he axe kicks the back of her neck to knock her out-

Kara:-coughs and then her eyes go blank, she falls down unconscious-

Asura: Like I said…..UNSKILLED. –walks into the castle-
With Kara defeated and the awesome bringers still fighting hard inside the castle, it looks like our heroes have their work cut out for them.

[Music: Malicious Fingers – Sonic 3 & Knuckles OST]

Meanwhile, Kara’s fight might be over, but the battle was just beginning for our heroes as they continued fighting Demon Skull in order to protect the emeralds. Jeff in particular was ready to face off once again with his longtime Rival.

JanJekeru & Jeff:-are clashing with their respective zanpaktous all over the place and trading blows at the same time in super fast combat-


Jeff: You say that everytime! HIRAIKOHO!!!! –slashes JanJekeru away with a powerful wave of lightning from his zanpaktou-

JanJekeru:-blocks it with his and lands,breathes in- HELLFIRE CERO!!!! –blasts Me with a powerful cero filled with Hellfire-

Jeff:-slices the cero in half, looks to his left-

Scott:-is making a break for the emeralds again while Tj is busy fighting J.T- Hehehe! Losers think they’ve won! HA! I’ve got the emeralds now!

Drakeazoid:-frees himself from the wall-…..Now activating…SOLAR CANNON….. –his arm transforms into a large cannon that gathers up solar energy and fires it in the form of a shiny beam at Scott-

Scott:-yelps and jumps and screams like a girl- HOLY CRAPOLA!!! –he sees that Drakeazoid’s attack has burned completely through the wall- Whoa……-gulp-

Tj:-is making quick work of J.T- WHO’S THE PUNCHING BAG NOW?!?! –has him in a submission
hold- NOW SAY UNCLE!!!

J.T: UNCLE!!!!

Tj:-bends his legs backwards- SAY UNCLE!!!!!!!

J.T:-sounds like he’s sobbing in pain- UNCLE!!!!

Scott: J.T What’re ya doing?!

Drakeazoid:-kicks scott in the face-


Darkz, Kiba & Bakorah:-are all launched into Scott by the rest of the awesome bringers-

SH: HAHA! Take that nimrods! –grins-

Waker: Cant lose when we’re born to win! Nice try, but I think we know who’s really the losers here.

Scythe: True that! –smirks-

Chase:-lands next to his guildmates- GRrrgggh.

JanJekeru:-angrily growls- THIS CANT BE!!!!

Jeff: Oh yes it can. We’ve gotten WAY stronger since the grand magic games JanJekeru. So virtually there’s NO possible way you can beat us. So what was that about my guild being pathetic compared to yours?

JanJekeru:-growls extremely angry-

Jeff: I thought so. –flash steps in front of  JanJekeru- CHAOS FIST!!! –punches and blasts JanJekeru into his guildmates-

JanJekeru:-makes them all topple over like bowling pins-

Peppermint: STRIKE!!! –giggles-

Jeff:-pounds his fist into his right hand- And that’s how you do it. Awesome bringer style.

Jeff smirked with confidence that Demon Skull was no match for them in the long run. It seemed like the day was finally won, and the awesome bringers would be the ones to reap the spoils of their victory. But just when all seemed fine and dandy….

(Music Ends)

Tj: Yo bro! I got the emeralds! –has the emeralds in his arms-

-the emeralds glow and sparkle white and then black  again-

Jeff:-notices the shine & sparkle- What was that?

Tj: What was what?-

Asura’s Voice: GOUHADOKEN!!!! –a gouhadoken is fired from beyond the castle wall where demon skull broke in and it hits Tj by surprise-

Tj: OWWWW!!! –drops the emeralds-

Jeff: NO! The wolfian emeralds!

The wolfian emeralds were sent flying above Tj and landed right in the arms of…surprise.. Asura! Who just so happened to finally arrive on the scene!

[Music: I am all of me – Shadow The Hedgehog OST]

Asura:-radiates with a dark red aura,looks behind himself-

JanJekeru: It’s about time ASURA!!!! Where were you?!

Asura: Pardon me master, I was taking care of some unskilled vermin who dared to call herself a captain.

Tj: No way….You beat Kara?!

Asura: Of course I did….she provided no challenge whatsoever. She was a weakling.

Tj: YOU…..YOU BASTARD!!!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT MY CAPTAIN!!! –gets up and dashes at Asura-

Jeff: BRO NO!!!

Asura:-back kicks Tj into a wall-


Kune: Your highness!

JanJekeru: HAHAHAAH!!! Looks like the tables have been turned on you WOLF SAGE!!! What are you going to do now?!

It looks like the tables have actually turned on the awesome bringers! With Asura’s arrival on the scene making it an 8 on 7 battle, the awesome bringer’s chances of winning look a little slim! Can Jeff prevail and preserve the safety of the Wolfian emeralds? And why exactly did they glow black and white? All the battles and a few secrets will finally be settled in the next episode of Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures!

Next Episode: Bond Between Two Brothers! Jeff & Tj Are the greatest Tag Team!
Awesome Bringers Okami Adventures Ep.2
Here's the second episode of Okami Adventures and this one includes an epic battle between long time rival guilds, Awesome Bringers & Demon Skull

Synopsis: The Awesome Bringer guild engages demon skull in an all-out battle royale for the wolfian emeralds. SH, Waker & Scythe fight the Orichalchos brothers, Bakorah, Kiba &  Darkz. While Tj squares off with J.T, Drakeazoid fights Scott, Peppermint battles Chase Young & Jeff Fights his mortal enemy JanJekeru. Meanwhile, outside, Kara viciously fights Asura in order to avenge her fallen men, but Asura's skills prove to be too much for her and he defeats her. When it seems like the awesome bringers are set to take the win against the demon skull guild, Asura arrives and turns the tables on the awesome bringers. Making the battle into an 8 on 7 fight...
Awesome Bringers Okami Adventures Logo by JeffTheWolfSage
Awesome Bringers Okami Adventures Logo
This is the new logo for my new fanfiction Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures!
"The way I roll is simple. I come, I ride, I kick-ass, I blow you away. That's all there is to it."
- Waker talking to His opponent before a Race

Waker The Windhog is a hedgehog and a former member of the Red Faction Riders. A legendary group of gear riders who won many grand prix in their time. He is now a member of the awesome bringer guild and is the Speed Demon of Team Whitewing.


Waker The Wind Hog

Physical Characteristics

Race: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age:19 (Past)
  21 (Present)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 84 lbs(186 kg)
Birthday: September (20XX)
Hair Color: White
Fur Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: AB

Professional Status

Affiliation: Awesome Bringer Guild
Previous Affiliation: Red Faction Riders
Team Affiliation: Team Whitewing (Waker, Katherine & Tsuchina)
Previous Team Affiliation: Red Faction Riders
Partner(s): Waker & Katherine
Previous Partner(S): Red & Maria
Guild Mark Location: Back of neck
Occupation: Adventurer, Wind Waker, Gear Rider
Base Of Operations: Awesome Bringer West Guild Hall

Personal Status

Status: Active
Relatives: Unknown
Relationship Status: Taken
Taken By: Tsuchina Sakugen
Orientation: Straight
Gear: Tornado Wing (Board), Cyclone Dasher(Cycle)
Likes: Riding his gear, Making the wind blow, Girls, His goggles, Tsuchina, Gear Racing
Dislikes: Momoka, Disrespectful scum, Cats (He's allergic)
Alignment: Good
Morals: Brash, Daring, Kind, Chivalrous, Fast, Charming, Stylish
Threat Level: Very High
IQ: 177
Theme Song: Free - Sonic Riders
Speed:  10
Strength: 6
Defense: 5
Skill Projection: 8
Evasiveness: 9
Overall Battle Skill: 7

Powers And Abilities

Physical Abilities: Intermediate Hand-to-Hand combatant, Enhanced Speed & Reflexes, Enhanced strength, Master Swordsman, Gear control, Riding skill, Technological gear knowledge, super speed, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced endurance

Powers: Wind manipulation, Current manipulation, Temperature change, High speed flight, Turbulence control, Chi manipulation, sonic boom, Jet streams, Four winds


Japanese Voice Actress: Yuichi Nakamura
English Voice Actress: Newton Pittman

.: Contents :.

4.Powers And Abilities


Waker is a slender young hedgehog with white fur and blue eyes. His quills are elevated and he has 4 different quills on his forehead. He has a pair of sky blue goggles with blue-green lenses that he only wears when gear riding. He originally wore a yellow hoodie with a small yellow hood in the back. He also wore blue gloves with the letter "W" written on them. The gloves were also knuckle-less. He wore a set of light blue pants with blue shoes that had two white racing stripes in the middle of them. To the left & right sides of the shoes lie two circles with stars inside of them as well. His Pre-timeskip look is somewhat different. He does not change physically, however his outfit does change. He is now wearing an armor-clad jacket that is navy blue in color with light-blue wind spirals covering the jacket in a pattern. The jacket is always enclosed. He also wears Dark blue shoulder pads with light blue lining. His shoes have had a drastic redesign, his shoes now look similar to that of Tails's shoes, with one half being completely white at the tip of the toes, to the other being a different color. His shoes are still blue though, and The stars on his sides are still there. The racing stripe has also disappeared. He also has his Jet Stream Boots latched onto his shoes at all times, making him appear taller than he really is. His Jet-Stream boots add-ons are blue in color.


Waker is arguably the most brash and ego-centric member of the awesome bringers. He often brags ALOT about his accomplishments and considers himself no  less than a natural born winner. Which he is. He is a legendary mobian gear rider of the new age who has been in countless Grand prix and countless gear races. And he has nearly 16 trophies, 7 awards & 4 medals to prove it. He can often back up what he says he is, the fastest racer in all of Mobius, and the fastest in the entire guild. So pretty much, he's a sore winner. Despite his cockiness and arrogance, Waker is a very nice guy. He generally treats everyone with respect and genuine kindness. Everyone except for Momoka, who detests his arrogance. Waker also has an appetite for danger. He often pushes himself to his limits in a situation where he cant survive just to either A. Show off, or B. See if he CAN survive. He is a thrill-seeker, and always looks for several rushes of adrenaline. Something that he says "Keeps the blood flowing". Waker is also very good with ladies. Before he met his current girlfriend Tsuchina Sakugen, Waker was a ladies man who had charm, confidence & Style. He was a complete chick magnet who attracted other girls like it was as easy as taking a nap. In addition to his winner status, apparent charm, and brave, brash attitude, he is also very athletic. Don't let his skinny build fool you, Waker is also an accomplished trick master able to do tons of massively impressive stunts on any type of gear.


When Waker was born he always dreamed of becoming a Gear rider after watching people like Sonic the hedgehog & Jet the hawk ride on gears. His father was a mechanic who died in a lab accident, and his mother left his father before he was born. So he does not know who his real mother is. His Dad was considered a great inspiration for him, always pushing him to become one of the best Gear riders on the planet. Waker pursued his dream and built his own gear with the name "Tornado Wing". A gear that has stood the test of time and has been modified several times. He entered his first race in an underground circuit and won enough prize money to afford modifications for his father's lab. But in a tragic accident, his father was burned alive. He came home devastated that day as his father's workshop burned to the ground. But he also remained undettered as he continued to pursue his dream. He eventually found a team of gear riders to represent him, the Red Faction Riders. A team of rising stars looking for new members. He was inducted into the 12-man team of the red faction riders and was place in a mini-team with two other gear riders, Red & Maria. Together, The Red Faction riders blew through races with ease and Waker vastly improved his skills. He gained worldwide recognition as a skilled gear rider, gaining sponsors, and even elevating himself to Celebrity status. With his newfound fame, he took his gear riding skills to new heights when he entered the Chaos GX Omni-Prix. A super important race where only the most skilled racers enter. It is also the most dangerous. Overtime he fell in love with his fellow teammate maria. Who fully supported his entering into the race, unbeknownst to him she was also entering as well. When the time came for the race to begin, Maria had entered and went against waker, giving him a run for his money. But, once she gained the lead, She attempted a dangerous stunt that got her killed due to bad competition. Waker was devastated at Maria's apparent death. So devastated that he was also reminded of his father's death. He then quit gear riding forever, but kept his board as a memento of his lost loves. His celebrity status died down and unfortunately, the Red Faction Riders disbanded. He then found the awesome bringer guild and joined them in an effort to re-invent himself and re-spark his love of gear riding.

[Powers And abilities]

Intermediate Hand-to-hand Combatant: Waker's combat skills aren't as good as his guildmates, however, he has been trained under the wing of Kikaze Sakugen, who is adept at hand to hand combat. Now he is as skilled as he says he is. He managed to box Dark Travis to a standstill, and has even fought And defeated Leander in a fist fight.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Waker's most adept attribute is his speed & Reflexes. All of which are beyond that of a normal mobian. Waker is fast enough to create a tornado by running, which sent Cyclone flying, and is quick enough to dodge an in-coming Kami-Kaze Rankyaku from Kikaze Sakugen, even without his training.

Enhanced Durability: Waker is a very durable combatant. He is able to take punishment from the likes of Kikaze Sakugen, Blueno, Cyclone, Dark Travis, Leander & many more and still get back up. He often says that his "Diamont Dust fur" is tougher than tough.

Enhanced Endurance: He has an ample amount of endurance as well. She showed no signs of being tired in the slightest after his fight with Dark Tj and has brushed off Leander's assults as "Bitch slaps".

Super Speed: Waker has the ability to run, or "Skate" at incredible speeds. Similar to how Shadow the hedgehog moves, His Jet Stream Air skates allow him to move up to speeds of over 1.2 million miles per hour, that's 12 times the speed of light. His top speed without his skates is 1025 mph.

Master Swordsman: After his training with the likes of Jeff The Wolf Sage & Kikaze Sakugen, Waker is an accomplished swordsman. Taking ownership of 2 swords. Arrowhead & Shihonokaze.

Gear Control: Waker has an extensive control over any gear he rides. Whether it be a new gear he has not tried before, or one that he's been riding his whole life, he can ride a gear naturally based on instincts.

Riding Skill: Waker is without a doubt one of the best gear riders in the world. His riding skill is very apparent, as he has won countless Grand Prix races, Regional races, and even underground races. Including the EX Grand Prix, The Chaos Grand Prix, The Jet-stream Raceway cup, The Sega All star Prix, and the biggest racing event in the history of Mobius, The Chaos GX Grand Prix. He is also a trick master, who can pull of even the most difficult of tricks flawlessly.

Technological Gear Knowledge: Waker has an extensive knowledge of gears of all types, his gear knowledge extends to wheels, Boards, Skates, cycles and even ATVs. This is because his father was a mechanic who repaired broken gears.

Wind Manipulation: Waker's main power is to control the wind. Ever since his training with Tsuchina & Kikaze, he has been able to utilize the wind like a weapon, allowing him to slash his opponents with ease. He can also call upon greater winds to create typhoons and tornadoes just by running or clapping. He can also create giant hurricanes as well.

Current Manipulation: Waker has the ability to suddenly change the direction of several wind currents when they blow.

Temperature Change: After his effective training with Kikaze, Waker has the ability to change the temperature of the surrounding wind particles around him. This can change the temperature of the room to make it sizzling hot, or freezing cold. As a result, Waker is immune to hot or cold temperatures. But is not immune to being frozen or burned alive.

High-speed Flight: As it's name implies, Waker's gear, The "Tornado Wing" Has the uncanny ability to fly using wind & Turbulence. It can fly at a great speed using turbulence and can even keep up with the likes of Jeff The Wolf Sage. As evidenced when he made his debut.

Turbulence Control: An ability that all gears possess, Waker can ride the turbulence that comes from a gear. He can use it for tricks, and can even get a certain speed boost from it by charging up the air in his gear and boosting forward.

Tornado Boost: One of Waker's signature moves. Waker can unleashed a giant amount of wind and boost forward at an incredibly forceful rate. Blowing everything behind him away at once. This is what happens when the air in his tornado wing gear is charged up completely to it's maximum.

Sonic Boom: Waker can unleash a massive sonic boom when using his gear in conjunction with his wind powers. He swirls wind around his board and then in a gigantic spiral, charges it up with his chi and combines it with the air in his board, the resulting combination releases a powerful sonic boom which can break solid rock and shake entire mountains.

Chi Manipulation: Ever since his training with Kikaze Sakugen, Waker has gained a considerable control over his chi. His Chi is blue in color and is often used to strengthen the power of his attacks.

Jet Streams: Using a pair of super-powerful air skates that Scythe invented, Waker can cause jet streams which allow him to move at the speed of light. He also put on some modifications to turn them into Air skates, allowing him the ability to fly. Waker's Jet Streams are blue in color and have a pair of small wings attached to both sides of the skates.

Arrowhead Sword: His main weapon during his debut. This sword was used for cutting gear parts originally. The origin of it's owner is unknown, but it is a golden sword that has the head of an arrow, and is incredibly sharp. It's also sharp enough to slash through metal.

Shihonokaze (四方の風 Four Winds): One of Waker's most powerful weapons is his Shihonokaze sword. Which gives him the power of four different types of Chi. Neppu chi, Tsume chi, Denki chi, and Wagana chi. These powerful types of chi, manifest into multi-colored wind types of different temperatures and powers. Giving Waker a plethora of new attacks.

Neppu Chi (熱風 Hot Wind Chi): The first of the "Four winds" Chis is Neppu, which means hot wind. This wind is red in color and is very hot to the touch. Once Waker's chi changes to red, his chi is hotter than hot and can burn opponents. He can also pull of several chi based moves using His Neppu chi.

Neppu Piasu Tsume (熱風ピアス爪 Hot Wind Piercing Claw): Waker bends the hot wind around his hand and slashes or punches his opponent with it. Causing a burning slash mark for major damage. This move was used for the first time on Reed Chronos and then again on Leander.

Neppū Kumatorappu (熱風クマトラップ Hot Wind Bear Trap): Waker's strongest Neppu Chi move. Waker swirls a giant amount of Neppu chi wind around him and his opponent and the wind then closes in and explodes on the opponent, causing a great deal of pain and an even greater amount of burns.

Tsume Chi (冷た Cold Wind) The second of the "Four winds" Chis is Tsume, Which means "Cold Wind". This wind is icy blue in color and is the opposite of Neppu chi, which means it's cold. Once Waker's chi changes to this certain color, it can be used to cause snowstorms and blow cold wind to freeze opponents solid. He can also pull of several Chi based moves using his Tsume Chi.

Tsumetai Kaze No Supia (冷たい風のスピア Spear Of Cold Wind): Waker drills cold wind into an opponent's mid-section like a spear. This especially hurts because it feels like ice.

Tsumetai Kabe (風の壁 Cold Wind Wall): Waker swirls his arms around and creates a giant wall made out of wind, this is usually used as a defensive move. Waker's Tsume chi also creates snow once the wind forms diamond dust in order to melt into water which then can be frozen into ice. The ice is used for a wall that not even the hottest of flames can melt.

Tsumetai kaze no uzu (冷たい風の渦 Cold Wind Whirlpool): Waker's strongest Tsume Chi technique. Waker swirls his arms in a circular formation and creates a giant whirlwind shaped like a whirlpool, the wind then disperses into the atmosphere and blasts his opponent backwards with it.

Denki Chi (電気集 Electric wind): The third type of chi of the four winds chis is "Denki" chi, otherwise known as "Electric wind". This type of chi is yellow in color and can give Waker magnetic properties as well as control over minor electric power. Once Waker's chi turns yellow, it can be used in conjunction with his wind power to power machines and shock other opponents. He can also perform various Chi based moves with this kind of chi.

Denki-fū no hebi (電気風のヘビ Electric Wind Snake): Waker's chi envelops his arm and he stabs his fingers into an opponent, the resulting attack feels like a bite to the skin as it also electrocutes his opponent.

Denki furyokuhatsuden-ki (電気風力発電機 Electric Wind Generator): This attack also acts as a defensive move, Waker swirls his yellow chi wind around him as a shield, once attacked, the shield absorbs the impact of the attack and brings it back tenfold. This attack also increases the power of his chi, the stronger the attack, the more powerful the attack is. However this also comes at a huge price, as this attack, if used too many times, can put a great strain on Waker's body due to chi overload.

Denki-fū no denkyū (電気風の電球 Electric Wind Lightbulb): This is Waker's Strongest Denki-chi attack, as well as one of his strongest attacks overall. Once he's used his Denki furyokuhatsuden-ki attack and absorbed enough damage, he then releases it in a massive explosion of chi & wind and electricity that could decimate an entire town and leave a small crater.

Wagama Chi: This is the final chi of the "Four winds" chis. His wagama chi, which means "Wayward wind", is the only chi not used for offense. It usually used for defense and can be used in a moment's notice. It is green in color and is primarily used in conjunction with Waker's wind to increase it's intensity. This chi has no special attacks or techniques but has many different uses. With this chi he can block projectile attacks with ease and reverse attacks that are incoming in his direction. Even if there at point blank range.


Momoka Sejiran: Momoka is Waker's rival. Momoka despises Waker due to his Brash attitude and massive arrogance. Waker dislikes Momoka because he thinks she is a "Know-it-all". Despite this, the two try to get along most of the time for Tsuchina's sake.

Katherine The Angelhog: Waker is good friends with Katherine. He also one of her teammates. He treats Katherine just like he treats Tsuchina except in a platonic way.

Tsuchina Sakugen: Waker is good friends with Tsuchina, developing a rather close friendship with her. Waker often bolsters her confidence with his tenacity and brash attitude. And even though they are polar opposites, Tsuchina has developed somewhat of a crush on him. Waker has stated on several occasions that Tsuchina is "Something else". Meaning that she is almost like peppermint in a way, "A marvel among marvels" in this case as quoted by Jeff The Wolf Sage. He admires her great strength and kind attitude adn tries his best to follow her example. They are seen together quite often, Waker has even picked a lily for her once. In light of recent events, The two now share a romantic relationship after A fallout with Leander the hedgehog

Leander The Hedgehog: Leander is Waker's Love rival. The two are seen fighting over Tsuchina several times, with Waker ultimately becoming the victor. Waker sees Leander as an "Emo priss" and often acts like he hates him. But it's only due to competition. Like he says, "All's fair in love & war".

Kikaze Sakugen: Kikaze is Waker's mentor and master. He taught Waker the ways of the four winds and gave him his sword Shihonokaze. Waker respects his master and never questions his word, While Kikaze sees Waker as a fine, strapping young man. As well as a perfect match for his daughter, Tsuchina.

Maria: Maria is a member of the Red Faction riders and was Waker's first love. Waker lost her in the Chaos GX Grand Prix after she gained the lead and attempted a super dangerous stunt that got her killed.

Red: Red was the leader of the Red Faction Riders and was also Waker's partner, he however was jealous of His teammates and wanted to shine in the spotlight himself. So during the last race in the Chaos GX Grand Prix, he rigged the race to have Maria killed so Waker's reputation could go down in flames and his could start up again.

Paige The Cat: Paige is Waker's Ex-Girlfriend. The two were engaged in a very close relationship but had a falling out due to Waker's extended time in Ookami Pakku. However the two broke up on good terms and are now friends.
Waker's Full Wiki Bio
This is Waker's Full Bio

Waker The Wind Hog :iconjeffthewolfsage:
Sup my fellow awesome bringers! I have another announcement. Since i'm free today I've decided to give you more info on my next few projects in the works. Mostly Literature. As I said you wont see much art from me for a long time, but in place of the art, i'm going to Start writing my own Fanfictions! These Fanfictions will craft my own awesome bringer universe, based around my characters. It will play out just like an anime. I'm also writing several Different fanfiction series, as well as some special ones too! Who knows you might even see one for the joyous holiday of Christmas! ;3 Remember to keep your eyes peeled guys! For now i'll give you the rundown on my upcoming fanfiction series & more. And don't worry guys, i'm gonna be working on these fanfictions in my free time, So they WILL be finished this time. The following is a list of fanfiction projects that i'm currently working on.

-Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures

Synopsis: On the planet Wolfian, there exists a guild so strong, so powerful, and so united, that no matter how powerful the enemy, big or small, It will always prevail! The Awesome Bringer Guild! Led by the brave & Tenaciously awesome Jeff The Wolf Sage, Join all your favorite characters as they unlock secrets to their friendships, Un-cover hidden mysteries of the past, gain new friendships and find new members all the time, Fight VERY powerful enemies, and have the time of their lives while Going on incredible adventures! Relationships will be tested! Fights will be fought! Friends will become enemies! And Enemies will become friends! No matter what the stakes, the cost, or the obstacles, the will of the awesome bringers will never die! As every single one that bears the emblem shall be tested in their might in Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures! (Coming Soon)

I know that synopsis sounds a bit corny & Cliched, but trust me the story's gonna be awesome! It's from the minds of TjTheHedgiePlz & Myself. Starring my characters & His characters. Credit for the title of the franchise fanfiction story goes to :fireshot65plz: This is my main fanfiction series. The series will be on going and will be split into arcs. It will play out in the form of episodes and will have a mini-synopsis as well as a narrator who does break the fourth wall often. :P The arcs will separate into 4 categories.

 (Main Story arcs)

These are the arcs that coincide with the main plotline of the story, taking place in the modern era of the awesome bringer universe. The following arcs are:

-Ookami Pakku Arc
-Elliot The Dark Sage Arc
- Dark Shadows Arc
-Yami Okami Arc
- Damien Arc
- Darkling Devlyn arc
These arcs will be the longest arcs in the series.

(Filler Arcs)

These are obviously what they say they are. Filler arcs, every great story needs 'em. :P These arcs are NOT considered canon arcs and only exist as alternate stories to the original arcs. The following Filler arcs are:

-Mephilles Arc
- Gemini Rogues Arc
- Dahlia & Akuhi Arc
- Zorkon Arc
- Okami Demon arc
- Darknuckle Arc
- Seraph Raven Arc
- Recluse Arc
- Dragon Island Arc

Several other characters that are NOT mine will make their debut in the series in these arcs. BTW these are in no official order. The main story arcs are.

(Crossover Arcs)

Since I like to experiment with my fanfictions, I will also be including several crossover filler adventures. Featuring characters from several other canon series. Such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach & More. The Following filler arcs are as Follows

- Calamity Scale Arc (Fairy Tail Crossover)
- Demon Skull Arc (Fairy Tail Crossover)
- Emerald Sea Arc (One Piece Crossover)
- Hiraishin Arc (Bleach Crossover)
- Zirebachi Arc (Bleach Crossover)
- K.D Dreamland Arc (Kirby Crossover)
- Green Wolfian Arc (Green Lantern Crossover)
- Shen Gong Wu Arc (Xiaolin Showdown Crossover)
- Super Stylish Arc (Devil May Cry Crossover Ft/Fireshot65)
- God Of Chaos Arc (Kid Icarus: Uprising Crossover)
- Rawkman Arc (Marvel Universe/ Deadpool Crossover)

(Historic Arcs)

These are the last type of story arcs in the Okami Adventure series. They consist of old adventures that happened in the past. They are also going to be the shortest arcs with the longest stories. The following Historic Arcs are:

-New Resistance Arc
-JanJekeru Arc
- J.T Arc
- Nesto Arc
- EvilEchidnaEntity Arc
- Rainstone Arc
- Zackamai Arc
- Chaos Wars Arc
- Akatora Arc
- Chaos Theosis Arc

That is the rundown of my main series! On with the other series in the works!

- Okami + Demon

Synopsis: From JeffTheWolfSage & Fireshot65 comes the Rosario + Vampire inspired romantic storyline about a foreign exchange student named Jacob Uchiha, one of the last of his kind. He's sent to a special school for beings known as "Okami", wolf like humans with tails & wolf ears and teeth. There he meets adorable new friends Peppermint, Tsuchina, Diane & Libra. All of which fall head over heels for him! However as he struggles to keep his family's secret a secret, he gets embroiled in several battles that could decide the fate of both the school he goes too, Okami Academy, and the fate of his entire being.

This is a collaborative writing effort between me and my best friend Jacob (Fireshot65)

-The DudeCode

Synopsis: From the creator of Awesome Bringers: Okami Adventures comes the comedic, unfinished series making it's return! THE DUDECODE! Starring Jeff The Wolf Sage, Shadowhachi The Shadow Echidna, & Scythe The Ice Fox! Watch as they get into hilarious hi-jinks based off of Drinking, pranks, and genuine hilarity!

This is the unfinished comedy series I started in 2012, now im deciding to finish it for you guys! That's pretty much the rundown of all my fanfictions. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled because there coming soon in 2015!
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Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

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